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Blog Category - Prophetic

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Bob Jones--his final prophecy

I met Bob Jones (not the founder of the university by that name) in 1994 when he came to speak at our local fellowship here in Minneapolis. At the time, I was visiting the fellows……

The January 30, 2014 Watch Date

The current Prophetic Year began on November 14, 2013. As I have said before, the Prophetic Year begins with a prophetic event each year shortly after the feast of Tabernacles. It……

Watch dates in January

A few years ago a friend sent us a revelation indicating that January (our first month of the year) was like the first year of the Hebrew calendar. In other words, a prophetic typ……

Prophetic Poem for 2014

Doors, Floors, Glory and More (A Prophetic Poem for 2014) (By Holy Spirit through Jo Ellen Stevens) Doors,doors, opened doors Our ceilings now becoming floors! Glory shin……

Ron answers a question and explains further about Typhoon Haiyan

Dear Daily Planet, You were mentioned in Stephen's Blog, saying: ……

Preparations for the Dallas Trip

I probably won’t post a regular weblog today, as I am making preparations to go to Dallas for the conference this week end. It looks like the weather will be interesting. We got s……

Comments on November 30 events

Now that our watch date of November 29/30 has passed, it is clear that the date had an unexpected fulfillment. I showed in an earlier article that the history of November 30 has t……

Comet ISON's death and resurrection

Comet ISON has been of interest to us for the past year, on account of its name indicated the SONS of God. Ron tells me that the name ISON is actually derived from JOSEPH. It has ……

The man who used to walk on water

The news again prophesies.

Prophecy about the Philippines

It appears that a prophet from India named Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj came to the Philippines in April 2013 and prophesied of a great typhoon that would strike the central part of the ……

Showing 611-620 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo