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Blog Category - Prophetic

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Understanding Time Cycles

To understand what is going on today, one must know how things got started many years ago. Likewise, to understand anything about the timing of prophetic events, one must know the……

Michael Jackson and Sen. Ted Kennedy

Many of you probably noticed the fact that Senator Ted Kenned died on August 25, two months after Michael Jackson died (June 25). In the old revelation, "July is like September," ……

Hezekiah's 15-year extension applied today

On Nov. 29, 1994 the GATT treaty was passed by the House of Representatives. This was the end of the 12-month cycle from the beginning of our Jubilee Prayer Campaign, Nov. 29, 199……

The Prophecy of King Manasseh

The breach between Israel and Judah, or, more importantly, between the Birthright and the Scepter, is one of the most important themes of Scripture. It sets up the distinction bet……

Rock 'n Roll Prophecy from 1997

When President Obama was elected last November, there were bumper stickers everywhere saying, "Barack and Roll". By the Hezekiah Factor, 1997 has a connection to 2007, when the mo……

Is September 28 our Day of Reckoning?

What I call "the prophetic year" begins and ends with the feast of Tabernacles each year. This is because God has a particular plan for each year which culminates on the final fea……

The Coming Overthrow of Belshazzar

When Babylon fell, we read in Daniel 5 that it occurred the night that King Belshazzar held a booze party using the vessels of the temple (5:2-4). This was the "last straw" signal……

A New Look at Babylon's Overthrow

Last night as my wife and I were praying, I asked (as usual) if He had anything to say. I usually start with that, whereas in my earlier years I had always gotten my own matters "……

Revolution in the Wind

As I observe the course of American history in the past century, it appears that we are now reaching a point of great change. You might even call it a revolution. It appears to me……

His Lips are on the Horn

Here is letter that I received from a long-time friend in Maryland. . . In the last week of July 2009, a neighbor had an interesting experience as she drove to work. As she……

Showing 681-690 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo