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  • The Story of Imran

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  • Watching with faith as Babylon collapses

    Yesterday the Federal Reserve raised interest rates another .25% to its highest point in 16 years. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/fed-hikes-rates-and-revamps-forward-guidance-in-dovish-direction-86e9bb54 It is determined to collapse as many banks as p... Read More

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  • Ministry activities update

    Pastor Fiaz is going on a 3-day evangelistic tour of the tribal areas in Pakistan, carrying 100 Bibles to distribute to those who have none. We (you) provided the $500 that was needed to purchase these Bibles. Fiaz wrote: “These Bibles will be distributed... Read More

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  • The meaning of 41

    Series: The Meanings of Numbers - To write forty-one in Hebrew, they wrote two letters: mem (מ) and aleph (א). Mem is water, and aleph is an ox. The Hebrew numbers from 41-49 are all signified by water (mem) in some way. When paired with the aleph, the ox signifies either strength or that... Read More

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  • Overseas missions report

    Here are a few pictures from the Philippines, where we support the ministry of Dr. Rebecco Regino and his wife, Juanita. He leads a few house churches on Mindanao. I met him in 1998 when I flew to the Philippines to hand out diplomas to the graduating clas... Read More

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