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  • Another Jehu is coming

    Yesterday’s revelation (May 10) is that God is raising up a “Jehu” to destroy the house of Ahab and Jezebel. I do not know when, but the time is drawing near. The house of “Ahab” in this case includes the top world rulers, Satanists who tend to remain invi... Read More

    2 - 3 min read
  • How to live in insane times

    The world is very close to imploding, both financially and geopolitically. It is generally true for everyone (and nations as well) that a shortage of money brings to the surface that which is hidden in the hearts of men. The rulers of Babylon have not had... Read More

    9 - 12 min read
  • GKM Website Update - What's Changed

    Hey everyone! With the launch of the mass site rework that we announced in this blog post, we have revamped a vast majority of the website, incorporating new ways of finding existing content while also suggesting randomized content that you may not have se... Read More

    Site News
    8 - 10 min read
  • Personal news and a little world news

    We are nearing the completion of a new book, Kingdom Vision—A Primer for Prophets. This was originally written in a series of blog posts about six months ago. It is designed to teach prophets the important things in the word that they need to know in... Read More

    Ministry News
    6 - 8 min read
  • Massive Site Update this Wednesday

    Hey everyone! We have been working diligently over the past year on a complete rebuild of the GKM Website on a new platform, along with a massive visual update, and paving the way for many new features in the future! We will be launching this new platform... Read More

    Site News
    4 - 5 min read

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