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  • Country Garden default on the 9th of Av

    In this weblog I stated that August 6, 2023 was the 9th of Av. It actually begins the evening of July 26 and ends at sundown on July 27. I apologize for the mistake. I was going by what someone else wrote and failed to check it out for myself. https://www.... Read More

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  • The meaning of 48--Provision

    Series: The Meanings of Numbers - The number 48 is written in Hebrew as mem and chet. Mem (מ) is water, signifying a flow of history or time. Chet (ח) is a fence or enclosure, which may also refer to one’s heart. The number 48 appears on the surface of Scripture only twice, both spea... Read More

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  • Court rules that doctors can prescribe Ivermectin

    This case should have been resolved last December, but a judge threw out the case. Ultimately, the case was won at the US Court of Appeals. The court ruled that the FDA has no authority to give medical advice, much less prohibit the use of Ivermectin. The... Read More

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  • The meaning of 47--Empowered Sons

    Series: The Meanings of Numbers - The number 47 is written in Hebrew as mem-zayin. Mem (א) is water, signifying a flow of events over a period of time. Zayin (ז) is a weapon in Hebrew. The perfect weapon is the Sword of the Spirit, by which spiritual warfare is accomplished, for “the... Read More

    Bible Studies
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  • More conference rooms now available

    We received word from the hotel in Rapid City, SD that another block of 20 rooms has been added to our reservations at $104 per night. I am quite sure we will need more shortly, because today I heard from many of you, letting me know that you intend to mak... Read More

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