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  • Canaan and Babylon

    Series: Canaan and Babylon - Last week we discussed the dispute about who has the rightful claim to the land of Palestine. From a biblical point of view, Abraham’s heir was Isaac, the brother of Ishmael. If at any time Isaac was unable to retain the land, it would then revert to... Read More

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  • Kingdom update

    John has been in a court case against a bank in South Africa since late September after 3 of its board members arrogantly proclaimed that they would NEVER release the funds from John's account that they had, in effect, stolen. It only took a few weeks for... Read More

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  • Present Truth

    Last week I did a study on God’s Promise to Ishmael, where I showed that Ishmael was second in line to be given the land of Canaan/Palestine. The Bible makes it clear that his brother Isaac was the prime inheritor, but in his absence, Ishmael was nex... Read More

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  • Progress Report on Our World Outreach

    Sixty years ago today, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX, and on the same day the great Christian philosopher, C. S. Lewis, died in the UK. We remember. In 2023 our Kingdom building mission is progressing well. Our outreach in Nepal is growi... Read More

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  • Email Delivery Issues

    We've had several users report issues with no longer receiving email notifications of new blog posts. Along with this, our own internal notification emails have been having issues as well. We are looking into this more in depth, but wanted to let everyone... Read More

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