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  • The Health Ranger questions the Rapture teaching and Christian Zionism

    There was no weblog yesterday, because the internet was down all day. Today it is late, because of a full schedule. Yesterday, Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, posted a broadcast on Brighteon where he referenced my website and some articles that I wrote in r... Read More

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  • The Seed of Abraham

    God’s definitions of biblical terms are often different from men’s definitions. Yet God’s definitions are often clarified only in the New Testament. For this reason, anyone who is yet stuck in an Old Covenant mindset may have difficulty b... Read More

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  • Hebrews, Israelites, and Jews

    Years ago, I had a boss who had two doctorates, one of Theology. One day he mentioned that Abraham was the first Jew. I asked him how it was that Abraham could be descended from his own great-grandson (Judah). The thought had never occurred to him. It show... Read More

    Bible Studies
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  • PM Netanyahu's prophetic role

    Netanyahu first became the Israeli Prime Minister from 1996-1999. That is when I first began to contemplate his role in prophetic history. His namesake is found in Jeremiah 41, where his name appears as Nethaniah, an anglicized version of Netanyahu. This c... Read More

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  • Not all Jews are Zionists

    If I recall, it was back in the third century A.D. that leading rabbis decided that Jews should not attempt to return to the old land until the Messiah comes. This decision became part of Orthodox Judaism until the Zionist movement broke with classical Jud... Read More

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