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  • Tabernacles conference 2024

    We are planning a Tabernacles conference for October 18-20 at the DoubleTree hotel on Park Place Blvd. in Minneapolis. We have held conferences there in past years. The cost for a room is $129 per night, plus appropriate taxes. Considering the inflation ra... Read More

    Ministry News
    2 min read
  • The Signature of God, part 2

    Series: The Signature of God - When an illiterate man signs a contract with an X, it requires witnesses to verify that he was indeed the one who signed the contract and that it was done without coercion. When God signs His name with the tav on our foreheads, He too requires witnesses. 2... Read More

    Bible Studies
    4 - 6 min read
  • The Signature of God

    Series: The Signature of God - The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the tav, which was originally written as an X or cross. Modern Hebrew letters, of course, are quite different, because these were Aramaic letters, adopted during Judah’s Babylonian captivity. But prior to tha... Read More

    Bible Studies
    6 - 7 min read
  • The coming crisis

    In 1986 we fought a prayer battle to overthrow the spirit behind communism in the Soviet Union, only to discover that this spirit came to America. I don’t know if we could have prevented this from happening. In those days we lacked experience and the... Read More

    6 - 8 min read
  • Assange set free after US gets its pound of flesh

    After 12 years, Julian Assange is finally heading back to Australia after agreeing to plead guilty to a single charge, where he was sentenced to time served. It’s a good example of the corrupt and inverted judicial system, where people are sentenced... Read More

    < 1 min read

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