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  • Email Delivery Issues

    We've had several users report issues with no longer receiving email notifications of new blog posts. Along with this, our own internal notification emails have been having issues as well. We are looking into this more in depth, but wanted to let everyone... Read More

    Site News
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  • Office for National Statistics (UK) on covid-19 deaths

    Statistics are now available about covid-19 deaths in England. It appears that in the year ending May 31, 2023 only 5% of the deaths happened to those who were unvaccinated. The more vaccines and boosters people received, the more they died. 95% of the cov... Read More

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  • Watch dates end of November

    From November 21-29, 1947 the United Nations debated Resolution 181 regarding the partition of Palestine into two states. The resolution passed on November 29. Forty-six years later, we held our Jubilee Prayer Campaign from November 21-29, 1993 in order to... Read More

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  • God's promise to Ishmael, part 2 (final)

    Series: The Promise of God to Ishmael - Chapter 5: God Owns His Creation Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” A Creator owns that which He creates by His own labor. Man uses what God creates and adds value to it by shaping and forming trees, roc... Read More

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  • Personal comment

    Today’s weblog on God’s Promise to Ishmael will be posted in two parts. I have had an urgent request to do a book on this topic, because it deals with the current controversy as to who really owns the land of Palestine. So I have been working o... Read More

    2 min read

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