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  • Thy Kingdom come

    May 28, 2023 will mark the 32nd anniversary of the day in 1991 that we prayed to establish the new Net of Prayer, according to the word of the Lord. Number 32 means “covenant,” and so we can relate this to our “covenant” to establish the new Net of Prayer.... Read More

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  • The Durham report

    The long-awaited Durham report (300 pages) about the Russia hoax has finally been released. https://billingsreport.com/durham-report-finds-that-fbi-was-biased-against-trump-should-never-have-opened-russian-collusion-investigation/ Special Counsel John D... Read More

    2 min read
  • The meaning of 42

    Series: The Meanings of Numbers - Mem (מ) is water signifying a flow of history or time. Beth (ב) is a house or household. Together, this number for 42 signifies the flow of events until the household is established. The arrival of the son is what establishes a household. The Hebrew word... Read More

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  • The Story of Imran

    ... Read More

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  • Watching with faith as Babylon collapses

    Yesterday the Federal Reserve raised interest rates another .25% to its highest point in 16 years. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/fed-hikes-rates-and-revamps-forward-guidance-in-dovish-direction-86e9bb54 It is determined to collapse as many banks as p... Read More

    5 - 7 min read

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