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  • The way God answers prayer

    We often pray, having specific answers in mind, only to find that God answers those prayers in ways that are unexpected and even disappointing. Lessons from the Exodus A prime example of this is in the case of the Israelites who were laboring under the opp... Read More

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  • "My lord delayeth his coming"

    We read in one of Jesus’ parables, “My lord delayeth his coming” (Luke 12:45 KJV). As a result of his delay, some of the servants who were in authority over the household began to mistreat those who were under them. The misuse of authorit... Read More

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  • Lessons from Balaam

    The story of Balaam in Numbers 22-25 provides us with some important lessons for us today. Although Balaam is not expressly called a prophet in the book of Numbers, Peter refers to him as a prophet in 2 Peter 2:15, 16. He is also the prime example of a fal... Read More

    Bible Studies
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  • Tim Ballard interviewed (from Sound of Freedom film)

    Jim Caviezel plays the part of the main character, Tim Ballard, in the Sound of Freedom movie, which is coming to theaters on July 4. Here is a very important and interesting interview of Tim Ballard, where he tells the story of how he became involved in i... Read More

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  • The attempted coup in Russia

    Last weekend, Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner military contractors fighting in Ukraine, led an attempted coup against the Russian government. Prigozhin had a long-standing feud with the Ministry of Defense chief (Shoigu) and the Chief of Staff (Gerasimov... Read More

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