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  • What is Restitution?

    Series: Defining Key Biblical Concepts - I believe it was Saint Anselm (1033-1109 A.D.) who first stated, “All sin is reckoned as a debt.” He had noted the seamless relationship between sin and debt in Jesus’ parables. Not all debt is incurred through sin, but all sin is treated... Read More

    Bible Studies
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  • New Book Available -- Ephesians: The Epistle of Ascension

      My commentary on Ephesians is finally in print and ready for distribution.   Ephesians: The Epistle of Ascension Category: Long Book Languages: EN Paul's epistle to the Ephesians is, in some ways, a continuation of his epistle to th... Read More

    1 - 2 min read
  • Our evangelistic team in Pakistan

    God has put together an evangelistic team that will bring the word of God throughout the churches in Pakistan. I recently received this email from Pastor Fiaz who has organized this effort. Hello Dear in Christ, This is a new team which we are preparing... Read More

    Ministry News
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  • Ukraine--the European tank burial ground

    Here is a brief history of the US war against the Russian people, how it began in the 1990’s and how it is going at the present time. Gonzalo Lira is a Chilean who is married to a Ukrainian woman. They live in Kharkov in northern Ukraine and are seei... Read More

    1 - 2 min read
  • What is Forgiveness?

    Series: Defining Key Biblical Concepts - Whereas redemption purchases a debt (and the debtor), forgiveness cancels a debt. So when a man redeems his kinsman, the debt is not actually forgiven, because the debtor must then serve his redeemer. We read this in Leviticus 25:53, 53 Like a man hired y... Read More

    Bible Studies
    10 - 13 min read

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