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  • Mexico struck by massive earthquake

    We have been expecting a large earthquake to hit North America. It appears that we will be hit by more than one quake. Last night the strongest quake in a century hit Oaxaca state in Mexico. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4864392/Massive-8-0-magn... Read More

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  • New book now available--Power of the Flame

    The fourth novel in The Anava Chronicles is now in print and available for those who want to order it. It covers the 20-year ministry of Samson to the end of the Philistine captivity. This book is my wife's favorite. It is also available on Kindle, or... Read More

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  • First Corinthians 14--The law of tongues, part 2

    Series: Studies in First Corinthians - Isaiah prophesied in a time when Israel’s apostasy had reached its climax. He was the main prophet when God sent the Assyrians to bring judgment upon Israel and to deport them to the area near the Caspian Sea. Though he prophesied, the people refused... Read More

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  • Follow up on the Burning Man festival

    I wrote earlier how the Burning Man festival in Nevada represents human sacrifice, but since it is such a public event, they have to burn an effigy, rather than a real person. But a man then ran into the flames in order to give it some reality. Whether he... Read More

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  • A dream about Hurricane Irma

    This was sent by reader today: I had a brief dream last Saturday night - Sept. 2nd in which I was standing underneath that hurricane and saw it. It filled the entire sky, and sort of looked like the satellite depictions of it, where they do it different... Read More

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