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  • Rodney Howard-Browne interviewed in regard to Trump's prayer meeting

    A few weeks ago, President Trump had a room full of ministers, who laid hands on him and prayed for him and with him. Rodney Howard-Browne was among them. Here is his story in an interview with Alex Jones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDWlUcPGHMM&f... Read More

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  • Vatican watch dates

    First, some background for new readers: I have written extensively since 2013 about the beast systems of Daniel 7 coming to an end of their authority from 2014-2017. It started when God gave Babylon the Dominion Mandate in 607 B.C., by which he conquered... Read More

    8 - 11 min read
  • Field Report #6 from Sean and Paul

    NYC Assignment Tuesday July 25th Part 1 Today is the day; I will put in place the legal case to bring destruction to the corrupt financial market and banking. More importantly than this; is to bring destruction to the structure of the god of mammon, the... Read More

    Prayer Campaigns
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  • First Corinthians 13--Love bears all things

    Series: Studies in First Corinthians - Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:7 that love “bears all things.” The Greek word he uses is stego, “roof over, cover, protect, hide, conceal, keep off something which threatens, bear, endure.” The word is derived from stege, “a ro... Read More

    Bible Studies
    3 min read
  • Field Report #5 from Sean and Paul

    All Headed to Detroit today. Much warfare around confusion. My laptop screen not working typed up. Things to send out today screen went black. Short story is completed assignment. On this assignment in Toronto, the Lord is dealing with these issues in G... Read More

    Prayer Campaigns
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