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Chapter 11: Conclusions

· The State called “Israel” exists at present only to satisfy God’s requirements for justice to be dispensed on behalf of the modern descendants of Esau.

· This however was for a limited time only and that period expired on the 29th November 2023.

· During the process of Esau enjoying the benefits of his justice, he has displayed his true nature (at a national scale) – and it is not a pretty sight! There is absolutely no evidence of any reconciliation on the part of Esau with God. And it is now altogether too late.

· As emphatic as God was that Esau receive his justice, so too is He regarding Ishmael’s justice (and his modern descendants). God will restore title in the land of Palestine to Ishmael, since Israel will never return, and the Jews will be ejected.

· However, in a time frame known only to God, the land of Canaan has run its course and Ishmael must prepare to receive the promise made to Hagar, his mother. So too all other peoples of the earth.

· In the interim, Jews must be relocated with the greatest of compassion and the full dignity of the Palestinians restored.

· To the extent that it is at all possible, crimes committed by anyone during the 76-year tenure of Esau’s period of justice, must be prosecuted and any found guilty in this process, are to be punished in accordance with righteous law.

· The evils of Zionism are however by no means restricted to Palestine. They have permeated the four corners of the earth – a world order one could say.

· Zionism is not welcome anywhere in the world.

In closing, we strongly adhere to the view that no one should be forced to adopt our way of thinking. We believe that when men truly know God, they want to follow His ways voluntarily and to the extent that we are capable, it is our hope that we can assist in this process.

So, Isaiah 3:2 prophesies:

And many peoples will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; that He may teach us concerning His ways and that we may walk in His paths.”