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  • God's Labor Laws, final

    Series: God's Labor Laws - As the Creator, God is the owner of all land and has always retained the right to regulate its use. God did not sell any of His land to anyone. When He gave the land to the Israelite tribes and families, He make it clear that if they misused the land or if... Read More

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  • Corinthians Books now available

    The series on First and Second Corinthians are finally in print. There are four books on First Corinthians and one book on Second Corinthians. First Corinthians, Epistle of Sanctification (4 Books) First Corinthians -... Read More

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  • Current Events in the News

    Burning Man Prayer Campaign This is a reminder that our prayer campaign is scheduled to begin on Sunday, August 26, ending the following Saturday evening, September 1. The purpose of this prayer campaign has much to do with child sacrifice and satanic rit... Read More

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  • God's Labor Laws,part 7

    Series: God's Labor Laws - Biblical usury does not have the same definition as in modern times. Today, “usury” is charging more interest than is allowable by man’s law. Biblical usury is all interest. The basic law against usury is found in Deuteronomy 23:19, 20,... Read More

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  • Monsanto held liable for cancer-causing Roundup

    There has been a long battle between Monsanto’s scientists who say that Roundup is perfectly safe and other scientists who say that Roundup is a very bad carcinogen. In this court case the judge was at first skeptical, but he was convinced by the sci... Read More

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