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  • Unconditional Love

    My friend, Thomas Kissinger, has written a book about how he came to understand the Restoration of All Things. Get the details here: https://www.facebook.com/whatifgodsavesall/  ... Read More

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  • God's Labor Laws, part 6

    Series: God's Labor Laws - We have already shown the connection between labor and property. The purpose of labor is to increase wealth. Labor not only increases one’s personal wealth but also increases the total amount of wealth in the economy as a whole. Improvements in infra... Read More

    Bible Studies
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  • God's Labor Laws, part 5

    Series: God's Labor Laws - We live today at the end of an age—actually, the end of multiple ages, each varying in length, yet ending together. The short, final era is that which is described in Revelation 13:11-18. It is the era in which the “beast” from the earth... Read More

    Bible Studies
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  • Report from Brother Vinnie

    As many of you know, brother Vinnie and his family have been on the road for the past month. My last report from Vinnie was posted on June 29. They first went from Florida to Alaska and then flew to Italy, where he was to minister for a few months. However... Read More

    Trip Reports
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  • Recognizing the reality of evil

    Some people really can’t figure it out. I’m not sure which bubble they were living in while working for the government in Washington D.C. One would think that living in the murder capital of the world would have taught them something. But appar... Read More

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