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  • GKM Office Tour

    GKM Office Tour Dr. Jones gives a tour of the GKM office, and how things are progressing in it. To view the video, click the button below View Video on Youtube Transcript Well, this is a recording - sort of an introduction to God's Kingdom Minist... Read More

    3 min read
  • US Russia Peace Process

    US Russia Peace Process Dr. Jones comments on relations between the US and Russia in recent times. To view the video, click the button below View Video on Youtube Transcript Okay, here we are. As you see, we have a new format. We've got a green... Read More

    17 - 22 min read
  • Long-time NSA analyst and head of Tech proves that Russia did not hack the DNC servers

    https://www.activistpost.com/2018/07/legal-proof-the-russians-really-did-not-hack-or-disrupt-the-u-s-elections.html... Read More

    < 1 min read
  • Ministry Update and Holy Spirit perspective

    Last week we spent a lot of time finishing up the construction of the new studio and setting up the technical support to record and also to livestream. The final project was to get set up with a green screen, so that I can put in various backgrounds while... Read More

    7 - 10 min read
  • God's merciful judgments

    I have written often about the mercy of God that is evident in His judgments. In fact, mercy itself implies some form of deserved judgment that is being handled, well, mercifully. It is really summed up in Romans 8:28, where Paul says that “God caus... Read More

    Bible Studies
    8 - 11 min read

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