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  • How God is overthrowing Babylon

    At the end of the (Pentecostal) church age, after prophetic “Saul” died on May 30, 1993, we saw an immediate shift take place as God instructed us to conduct the Jubilee Prayer Campaign later that same year. The purpose of the prayer campaign w... Read More

    10 - 12 min read
  • Resurrection Day in Thailand

    On June 24, 2018 a soccer coach in Thailand led his team of 12 boys on a cave exploration adventure. When they were about 2 km underground, rain came and filled up portions of the cave, preventing them from leaving. Fortunately, others knew of their adven... Read More

    2 - 3 min read
  • The Walk Away Movement

    The Democratic Party is losing its membership rather quickly, mostly due to its aversion to free speech and its promotion of violence against those who disagree with them. This has done much to shatter past perceptions of what the Democratic Party has stoo... Read More

    2 - 3 min read
  • The Hundred-Year Extension of Captivity

    When Jerusalem was captured in 604 B.C., it started a 70-year captivity to Babylon that finally ended in 534 B.C. with the decree of Cyrus that allowed the people to return to the old land. However, it took another 76 years for the second decree—thi... Read More

    Bible Studies
    10 - 12 min read
  • From Moses to Joshua

    The transition from Moses to Joshua, when applied to us (the body of Christ) can be viewed prophetically as the sons of God being brought to birth. God called Israel a “son” in Exodus 4:22, 22 Then you shall say to Pharaoh, “Thus says t... Read More

    Bible Studies
    9 - 12 min read

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