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  • In which temple do you worship?

    On December 10, 2018 an altar of sacrifice was dedicated at the western wall in Jerusalem. I posted a video of the ceremony yesterday. What I did not realize was that an underground synagogue was dedicated a year ago today on December 18, 2017. I do not k... Read More

    10 - 13 min read
  • Jews dedicate altar in Jerusalem

    On Monday, December 10, 2018, priests of Judaism dedicated an altar for the third temple in Jerusalem. The dedication took place on the 8th day of Hannukah in order to coincide with the rededication of the second temple by the Maccabees in 163 B.C. Here i... Read More

    2 min read
  • The Exodus from California

    A few decades ago, everyone wanted to move to California. “California, Here I come,” the song said. “California or Bust,” said the sign on the car. But now that the political and tax policies of the California government have turned... Read More

    < 1 min read
  • The coming glory

    In the past few days we have received revelation about the glory that is soon coming to the earth. A long-time friend flew to Minneapolis to visit us from Thursday to Saturday last week after receiving this word a few weeks earlier (11/22, if I recall). &... Read More

    5 - 6 min read
  • Trump signs another Executive Order

    On December 12, 2018 President Trump signed an Executive Order to assist areas where poverty has persisted in spite of the drop in the unemployment rate. This was done in the presence of black community leaders from various parts of the country. https://w... Read More

    < 1 min read

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