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  • Israel's 70th Anniversary

    Video Blog (Vlog) Note At 19 minutes and 48 seconds Dr. Jones says: "...I will make you My people, and you will be my God", he meant to say: "...I will make you My people, and I will be Your God." Watch video on Youtube Refer... Read More

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    20 - 25 min read
  • The Anthony Weiner indictment unsealed, and what it means as a sign of the times

    The Anthony Weiner case, which involves all of the files that Huma Abedin put on his laptop, is set to be tried in Brooklyn, NY. This indictment was delayed because Eric Schneiderman was the Attorney General for NYC, and he was too corrupt to trust with t... Read More

    3 - 4 min read
  • Recommended Q post analyst

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXhSaVt1kFY... Read More

    < 1 min read
  • The Birthright transferred

    We left off two weeks ago (May 5, 2018) with God’s appeal for His people to leave Babylon and Egypt. I wrote: This was a prophetic call to leave “Egypt,” which was a metaphor for bondage and captivity. Both Babylon and Egypt represent t... Read More

    6 - 8 min read
  • Mueller ending attempt to indict Trump

    It appears that Rudy Giuliani has been telling Mueller that he does not have the power to indict a sitting president. That precedent was set many years ago, so even if Mueller did have reason to accuse Trump, he would not be able to do anything until the p... Read More

    < 1 min read

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