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The Year of Release

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Issue #294January 2013

The Year of Release

The Year of Awakening is ending. Now we are entering the Year of Release.

The idea of “release” is linked primarily to the release of the second dove in Leviticus 14:7, which speaks of the second work of Christ. Recall that the first dove was killed in order to picture the first work of Christ when He came to die in order to pay for sin and to give us immortality.

The second dove was to be dipped in the blood of the first and to be released into the open field. Matthew 13:38 says, “the field is the world.” Revelation 19:13 says that “He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood.”

While the first dove is about Jesus Christ Himself, the second is about the New Creation Man, which pictures Christ and His body after the repair of the breach.

This is further shown by the fact that doves come in pairs. Doves mate for life, and each nest always contains two eggs, which hatch as male and female—and these then mate for life. Solomon observed this when he wrote in Song of Solomon 4:10, “How beautiful is your love, my sister, my bride!” He was drawing his metaphor from observing the unending love between two doves.

This suggests that the two doves in Leviticus 14 can be separated into male and female. The first is the male who is killed, while the second is the female that pictures the bride of Christ at the end of the Pentecostal Age.

We have further understood that the release of this second dove would begin the work of the New Creation Man of bringing the Gospel of the Kingdom to all nations in a greater way than what has been done in past years under the anointing of Pentecost.

I have contemplated this and planned for this for the past 30 years, ever since I became involved in prayer campaigns. The original prayer campaign was held from November 12, 1981 until January 27, 1982.

Over the years, I have observed repeat patterns occurring in that same time frame. Although the issues shifted and the new people played roles each year, they all added further revelation to the single goal of preparing the hearts of the people for the work ahead.

The Breach Repaired

In our December FFI, I reported the two 52-day cycles of repairing the breach in the walls of the New Jerusalem. The second cycle ended November 29, 2012, dating from the 8th day of Tabernacles (Oct. 8).

As this repair cycle ended, we were in Dallas, TX for the Lone Star Conference (Nov. 30 to Dec. 2). Seven of us gathered at a hotel on the afternoon of November 29 in order to seek God and do whatever He instructed. We were led first to make a declaration before the Divine Court that were in compliance with and agreed with the two laws pictured as “stones” to repair the breach in the wall.

These stones were the Law of Victims’ Rights and the Law of Impartial Justice.

This declaration was necessary to qualify us to make two decrees on behalf of the Divine Court. It is always necessary to be in agreement with God any time one is called to speak for Him and to provide the earthly witness of what God has decreed in heaven.

As always, we represented all those whose hearts are in agreement with the Divine Plan. Whatever we do benefits all who are part of the body, even as whatever others do benefits us. The actions of any part of the body are actions of the whole body.

We were then led to issue two decrees on behalf of the Divine Court. First, we decreed that the Head of Christ should be placed upon the body, pictured as placing the Capstone on the Pyramid. As you may recall, a year ago I was led to construct a scale model of the Great Pyramid on November 29, 2011 and then to place its capstone upon it the following day, November 30.

At the time I did not know what this meant, but a year later its meaning was clear. It pictured the repair of the breach a year in advance. This is especially significant in that the conference in Dallas, which began November 30, 2012, was held in a church that was constructed under a pyramid-shaped top. It was as if a capstone had been placed on the top of the meeting room.

The second decree was to give the inheritance and the birthright to the New Creation Man in order to provide the means by which to do the work ahead. This is the double portion normally given to the first-born on account of the greater responsibilities given to him to carry on the work of the Kingdom.

All of this bore witness to the work which testified of the Divine intent in the years to come.

The Objections to God’s Plan

We seldom are able to make such decrees without opposition and objections from those who disagree with God. Over the years we have had to fight for everything that we have won in the Divine Court. Objections come from both the church and the world, each of whom compete to have their own way or to retain power.

In the days of Jeremiah, Babylon was given the divine right to rule the land of Canaan and the Western world in general. Daniel’s revelation showed that after 70 years Babylon’s mandate from heaven expired and was given to Medo-Persia. After two centuries, it was passed to Greece, then Rome, and finally to the various extensions of Rome known as the two beasts of Revelation 13.

When the time ran out for these “beast” empires to rule, we went before the Divine Court on November 29, 1993 with a petition on behalf of the overcomers to receive the mandate of heaven. We won our case, but then we were faced with 13 years of spiritual warfare, first against the world system (1993-2000) and then against the church (2001-2006). Both objected, because each felt it was called to receive the birthright.

However, the overcomers received this mandate and overcame all of the objections, as the Divine Court ruled in favor of the overcomers in each case.

Most of the time, after God overruled the objections of the world and the church, they refused yet to abide by the decision of the Court. Choosing to fight, rather than to give up power, it became necessary for the overcomers to engage in further spiritual battles to enforce the decisions of the Divine Court.

The latest battle began immediately after our decrees on November 29, 2012.

We found ourselves in what I have called a Cosmic Warfare. The Greek word cosmos means “the world order.” We found ourselves battling the New World Order that is pictured as a red dragon in Revelation 12.

Cosmic Warfare against the Red Dragon

Our awareness of this warfare preceded our under-standing of it. When we arrived home from the conference on Dec. 4, I began to read my emails and field reports from around the world, and a picture began to emerge. One man wrote that he was worried because a business partner (woman) had been missing since the first of December.

In the natural, he had reason to worry, because their high-level business project had implications that would affect many nations for years to come. It was dangerous work, simply because of the opposition coming from the ruthless and lawless Babylonian banking system.

We prayed about the situation and were finally led on Dec. 9 to dispatch the Archangel Michael to protect the woman and all others who were involved in this project. That night the Lord showed me that this was patterned after Revelation 12, where the “woman” fled into the wilderness for her protection while Michael fought against the red dragon.

I was then able to tell the man that his business partner had not been abducted, but had merely gone into hiding for her own protection. I could tell him this, because Rev. 12:6 says this about the woman, and because this particular warfare was following the same pattern.

It then occurred to me that the biblical reference (chapter and verses) were hidden pictures of the actual dates of these events. Chapter 12 was the 12th month, or December. The first verse was Dec. 1, when the problem had begun. Rev. 12:9 was 12/9 on the calendar, the day that we dispatched Michael to protect the woman. Revelation 12:9 reads,

9 And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

It then occurred to me that this battle was won in verse 11, which says,

11 And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony [witness]….

I knew from this that the woman would reappear on the 11th day of the 12th month. On Dec. 10 I emailed this information to my friend, the woman’s business partner. Two days later he wrote to let me know that she was back in touch with him that day (Dec. 12). I was a bit puzzled, because I expected her to reappear a day earlier. Yet after reporting this in a weblog, my friend emailed me to let me know that she had actually reappeared on the 11th, but that she had been too busy to contact him until the next day.

So it was confirmed that we overcame on Dec. 11, but the battle continued to progress. In other words, our victory was assured, but not yet completed.

The Newtown Massacre of Children

We have seen many times over the years that when the enemy fails to kill its main targets, it turns elsewhere to take alternative targets. The enemy is bloodthirsty, and though he prefers the blood of the overcomers, he will take secondary targets if necessary.

This is what happened on July 22, 2011 after completing our Angel of the Waters prayer campaign. Because the enemy was prevented from claiming Washington DC, it took Oslo, Norway instead. In that incident 77 people were killed, mostly children.

On Dec. 14 twenty children were massacred in Newtown, CT. News accounts were very contradictory. The “lone gunman” killed himself, they say, but police reported taking at least another man into custody while he was fleeing from the scene. Nothing was heard again about the second gunman.

They also reported that the killer was wearing a ski mask. That would make it very difficult for any witness to determine how many shooters were involved, since they all would have looked alike. As it turned out, there were almost no witnesses who lived to tell what they saw, so reports of a “lone gunman” seem to lack credibility.

The shooter’s mother was said to be one of the teachers in that school, but that turned out to be a false report. Then the political cronies got into the act, seeing their opportunity to turn this into an argument to repeal the Second Amendment (the right to own guns). Whereas the news had reported that the gunman killed the children with pistols, and that a rifle was found in the trunk of his car, they suddenly began to report falsely that the children had been killed with the rifle.

Adam Lanza, the reported killer, was found shot to death with two pistols lying near him. I find it difficult to believe that he could shoot all the children with a rifle while holding two pistols. One would need four hands.

There are other reports that the father of the shooter was scheduled to testify in the Libor hearings within a few days of the shooting, and that this massacre was a message to anyone who might testify of criminal banking activity that could cost the banks a few billion dollars in fines.

So far I have not seen any proof of this statement, though many have been quoting it. One man did check this but did not find those names on the list of witnesses.

I am confident that the truth will be known in time, but my purpose here is to show how the incident relates to the Cosmic Warfare.

King Herod the Red

Revelation 12 pictures a spiritual battle that surfaced most prominently at the time of Christ’s birth. In that earthly event, Mary was the woman clothed with the sun, who gave birth to the Manchild, Jesus Christ. The red dragon was King Herod, who attempted to kill the Manchild as soon as He was born, but succeeded only in slaughtering an alternative target—the children of Bethlehem (Matthew 2:16).

King Herod was half-Edomite, half-Jew. Of him, the New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia (1970 edition) says on page 587 under “Edom,”

The Edomites were conquered by John Hyrcanus who forcibly converted them to Judaism, and from then on they constituted a part of the Jewish people, Herod being one of their descendants.

Because Edom means “red,” Herod the Edomite was the red dragon of his day, and so he acted according to the biblical pattern.

The Newtown massacre has followed the same biblical pattern. Adam Lanza is the accused shooter. Whether he did it or was just included in the plot in order to kill him and make him the scapegoat, the name Adam is related to Edom. Adam means ruddy; Edom means red.

There is no doubt that the red dragon was the spirit behind this massacre and that Adam was the earthly face of the red dragon, providing us with the red sign.

Yet we must keep in mind that Herod was the king in those days—the representative of government in his time. Pharaoh before him was also the government. Each time this pattern has manifested in the past, government has been behind the massacres.

Even the legalization of abortion came through a branch of government—the Supreme Court. Are we then to believe that the pattern has suddenly shifted and that a single 20-year-old man with mental problems is the guilty party in this massacre? That would be like blaming the soldiers that Herod sent to execute the children of Bethlehem. I suspect that some government agency is behind this, and that this massacre was designed to promote gun control, thereby ignoring or repealing the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

The American fascination with guns is not primarily about hunting. The Second Amendment was adopted, because the founders understood the tyranny of govern-ment itself and knew that an armed populace was the only thing that could keep a tyrannical government in check.

That is the real underlying issue, and it is why our own government fears an armed populace. Hence, I believe that they are secretly behind many mass murders, which are designed to “prove” that the people are not responsible enough to own guns. It strengthens their position when they argue for more gun control.

Americans have a long tradition of not trusting their government—and with good reason. Our government, however, has worked hard to present itself as the great welfare state in order to inspire trust. As more and more people depend upon the government, the more the people trust the government to provide for all their needs.

Such is the nature of Democracy. It only fails when there are more people who receive money than there are workers who can support them. We are now at that point in time, and the system would have failed already had it not been for the fact that the government can borrow all the money that the Federal Reserve can create.

But even that is only the beginning of the end, because sooner or later the newly printed money becomes worthless. When the government runs out of tricks to prop up the value of its currency, then we have truly reached the end of the American Empire.

Perhaps then the people will come out of Egypt and head for the Promised Land. If we have studied Kingdom government and culture, we will be able to show them the way. If not, there is still some time to prepare.

The Red Dragon in Moses’ Time

When God called Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt, He told Moses in Exodus 4:22,

22 Then you shall say to Pharaoh, “Thus says the Lord, Israel is My son, My first-born.”

The prophet Hosea echoes this relationship, saying in 11:1,

1 When Israel was a youth I loved him, and out of Egypt I called My son.

The red dragon was present in that situation as well, even before Israel was brought to birth out of Egypt. In Exodus 1:22, we read,

22 Then Pharaoh commanded all his people, saying, “Every son who is born you are to cast into the Nile, and every daughter you are to keep alive.”

This was Pharaoh’s attempt to destroy the “son” prior to his birth. In other words, it was the equivalent to aborting the child before birth. This same spirit operates today since Roe v Wade legalized abortion nearly 40 years ago on January 22, 1973.

Since that time millions of children have been killed, as the red dragon attempts to destroy the overcoming sons of God in this generation to prevent the second work of Christ from being done. They have failed in that purpose, because the sons of God will indeed finish this work. That is what our prayer campaigns have accomplished. Yet the enemy has succeeded in killing millions of unborn children as alternative targets.

We do not see this pattern manifesting in the time of Christ’s birth, but we do see it in the time of Moses. We must overlay the two patterns in order to see a more complete picture and understand what is happening today.

Since 1973 we have followed the pattern set forth in the time of Moses, when Pharaoh began killing babies around the time of Moses’ birth. That was 80 years before Israel was born out of Egypt, because Moses was 80 when he finally led Israel out of Egypt.

We are now drawing near to the 40th anniversary of the start of the great massacre of millions of babies in our own time. We are now seeing signs that are similar to the birth of Christ with the Newtown massacre corresponding to Herod’s massacre at Bethlehem which was done shortly after the birth of Christ.

In other words, it appears that we are now at a time of BIRTH of the New Creation Man, and for this reason the red dragon is inspiring men not only to massacre children but to attack the woman who has brought them forth.

When any nation comes to the end of its time, when it collapses from its own moral rottenness, something else arises in its place. I believe that we are now at a time when the Kingdom of God shall arise, but only because we will soon see a tremendous outpouring of the Spirit.