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My Father's Tear

This is the third book in The Anava Chronicles, focusing on the main theme of Divine Provision. We go back in time to Israel during their Philistine captivity to interact with Samson and Samuel, first when the boys are five years old, and then again when they are twenty. We keep the feast of Tabernacles at Shiloh with Rephah's family and Samuel, showing the connection between the seven main speeches of Moses and the first seven miracle-signs in the book of John.

Category - Biblical Novels

Chapter 1

Scarcity and Abundance

“Where are the resources to build Your Kingdom?”

Sipporah and I stood expectantly on the flat rock of meditation on Revelation Mountain overlooking the cavern. Out of the great urn flowed the sparkling water of life into the green valley below. A bright angel called The Eyes of God, the angel of seers and visionaries, stood before us to reveal secrets of life and love that we needed to know in order to complete our next assignment.

“I speak for God. My Kingdom begins with Me. I am Love; therefore, the first resource and the key to My Kingdom is love,” the angel answered with the Voice of the Creator. “The inferior kingdoms of men are built upon keys of power and control, leading to slavery.”

“The first kingdom organized among men,” He continued, “was designed to put all men under the authority of Nimrod. 1 All have followed his pattern since then, and each man who has organized a kingdom has assumed the right to be served by others.”

“My Kingdom uses the power of love to set men free,” the angel said, and the mountain shook with the low thunder of His voice. “Love seeks not its own benefit, 2 but seeks to benefit others even at its own expense. Men rule through fear and threats, and they enforce the will of the king upon servants and slaves. This seems right to them, because they know that man has a selfish and rebellious nature. They believe there is no way to rule successfully, except by fear and force.”

“Such rulers,” I said, “know the nature of man because they themselves are selfish and rebellious. So what gives them the right to rule other men? Shall one selfish man’s will have the power to command other men who are equally selfish?”

“The original sin of Earthyman,” the angel explained, “brought about necessary judgment. When death passed into all men, 3 they became mortal and began to experience limitations. Mortality created a scarcity of time, and so they began to fear that their time would end. They feared death, 4 but they also feared a lack of resources to sustain themselves during their limited lifetime. Thus was born the need to obtain wealth in case their access to natural resources might end. This, in turn, led to competition and rivalry and the need to impoverish others. Poor people had to exist to make the rich feel wealthy, and kingdoms were built to give power to the strong.”

“How can we overcome this problem?” I asked.

“My Kingdom cannot be built upon the present carnality of men’s thought patterns,” the angel said. “The scarcity of time is overcome only by knowing the path to immortality.”

As I looked into the angel’s eyes, I saw the face of a man that I did not recognize. “Who are you?” I asked the angel.

“I am the voice of God speaking life. I am the Angel of Life. I am assigned to speak through those whom the Creator has raised up as rulers and judges in the earth, for a judge is a Door of Life.” 5

“But why do I see the face of a man in your eyes?” I asked.

“You see judges in the earth through whom I will manifest Life. I am their angel, for I carry the words of life that they must speak to be effective in their calling. You will meet some of them in due time.”

The angel continued, saying, “When men have purpose in life and a knowledge of My plan, they may rest in this, for they have no more reason to fear. If they love, then greed has no place to grow. If they are God-centered, they remain stewards of creation without usurping what is Mine, and they live to serve Me and their fellow men.”

“So what shall we do, now that we have reached this climax of history?” I asked. “It is obvious that civilization has reached a turning point, and we are in a transition from one age to another. You have intervened in the affairs of men and have called a few to bless the many and to lead them into a greater knowledge of the truth. Where shall we start?”

“You have been given two towns—Newkirk and Cosmos,” the Voice said. “Start there and use them as models. Instill faith in their ears, love and joy in their hearts, and wisdom in their hands. As you seek My Kingdom, then all of My abundant resources will be given to you as needs arise. But first you must observe the patterns from the past and learn from them, so you may implement them in the present.”

For now, our instructions were clear and complete, and I sensed that we were being dismissed from this meeting on Revelation Mountain. We turned and began walking back down the mountain toward Joseph’s lodge where we had been staying. But then the breath of God caught us away, and our next step put us once again at the doorstep of the house of Chief Hiamovi.


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  5. The Hebrew word for judge is Dan, spelled daleth (“door”) and nun (“fish, teaming with life”). Hence a Judge is a Door to Life.