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My Father's Tear

This is the third book in The Anava Chronicles, focusing on the main theme of Divine Provision. We go back in time to Israel during their Philistine captivity to interact with Samson and Samuel, first when the boys are five years old, and then again when they are twenty. We keep the feast of Tabernacles at Shiloh with Rephah's family and Samuel, showing the connection between the seven main speeches of Moses and the first seven miracle-signs in the book of John.

Category - Biblical Novels

Chapter 17

Instructions for Kings

It was the evening of the fifth day of Sukkoth. We stepped into the coolness of the cave, and the horses followed us. We walked quickly until we arrived at the edge of the path of cool blue stones of fire. We removed our sandals, that we might know and feel the foundational truth of spiritual law upon which all of heaven stands. Because there is truth, there is spiritual order, for all things must conform to that which is—not to that which mortal men imagine it should be.

“Draw closer, My children,” the Voice said from the midst of light. “Come near, My chief horses of deliverance. Let me look upon your faces, all of you. I am so proud of you, for you walk in My ways, know My heart, and do My will by instinct.”

Sippore perched on a rocky ledge to bask in the light of the Voice. The horses walked past us and took their positions on either side of the Light Source, Pegasus on the right, and Pleiades on the left of the Voice. They turned to face us, for they were part of the Divine Council, and we saw that they were one voice.

“Be seated, children,” the Voice said. Two thrones materialized before us, and we sat comfortably upon them, for they seemed to be made uniquely to fit us perfectly. “You are seated with Me in heavenly places,” the Voice continued, “where you may exercise My authority on earth and intercede for those who are under your authority.” 134

“You have opened our ears,” I said, “and we delight to do Your will and to walk in Your ways. 135 It is our desire to feed Your children with the bread of heaven and the meat of Your word. But most see only Your wonderful works without knowing Your ways. How may we act like Your children without causing men to stumble?”

“They will not understand unless they are fed,” the Voice said, “but I cannot feed them the meat of knowledge and understanding until they are weaned from milk. Neither will they benefit from the meat you give them unless they are able to assimilate it and become one with its truth. There are some among them who were truly fed when you broke the bread for them. There are always a few in each generation who are able to step out from the crowd and distinguish themselves from the majority who remain in their mother’s milk. These shall be given the meat of truth to know Me. 136 In all the chaos of men’s immaturity and ignorance, I have chosen a few and have opened their hearts by My grace, so that they may be a light to their generation.”

“Find them, and teach them,” the Voice continued. “Teach them how to eat clean spiritual food, that their spirit might grow and their soul might learn to submit to proper authority. My people know My food laws for their bodies, so relate what they know to that which they do not understand.”

“Teach them to stand on a double witness and to chew their cud when eating My word. Teach them to put on My spiritual armor as scales on a fish, and teach them that I gave fins to all clean fish to picture My guidance. Teach them not to be bloodthirsty in their pursuit of My word, as birds of prey. Teach them to leap higher as locusts and as grasshoppers, so they grow to spiritual maturity.” 137

“Father,” I replied, “we have been privileged to hear Your voice and to be led by Your Spirit. But we know that Your desire is that all would hear and that all would prophesy. 138 Give more of Your people ears to hear and eyes to see. Otherwise, our labor is in vain. Send Your Spirit upon them, so that we may feed their spirits, rather than just their bodies and souls.”

“I will indeed do this, but I have subjected My purpose and plan to Time,” the Voice said. “All things will happen at the appointed time. Yet know this one thing: My glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. I will cause all men to know Me from the least to the greatest. This is My passion, and I have the power to do it. Never question the wisdom of Time with all of its apparent delays and detours. I am the Creator of Time, the Lord of Sabbath days and years. Man’s opposition and ignorance has purpose. It is to delay My will until the time appointed from the beginning for it to be accomplished.”

“Time is given for men to grow to maturity,” the Voice continued. “Time is also given to the earth itself to mature, so that heaven and earth can become one in holy matrimony. The path to maturity is set forth in My feast days, which I gave to Israel and to all of My people. Show them this path, and teach them the meaning and origin of each ritual, that they may be instructed in all My ways.”

“We will be watchful for those with opened ears,” I said. “The rest will understand very little, but even they shall be given milk.”

 “This is the lesson for the fifth day of Sukkoth,” Pegasus said. “That day is now upon us, for the fourth day has ended, and the evening of the fifth day is upon us.”

 “I have been raising up the few to minister to the many,” the Voice replied. “The rest have been blinded in order to give My overcomers a task to accomplish, even while they learn to love those who mistreat and malign them. These overcomers are My judges and kings, called to rule by the authority that I have given them. As they mature in love, I open up more of the word to increase their revelation of truth.”

“Love is the master key,” Pleiades added. “Love opens the doors of every heart. But sometimes the locks are broken, and a locksmith is needed to repair or rebuild those hearts before the key will fit.”

“Those called as judges and kings,” Pegasus said, “have access to the heavenly scroll containing the laws of creation, so that they may feast upon it continually and learn to apply it by the mind of the Creator. This is their wisdom in a foolish world, reality in the midst of illusion, order in the midst of chaos. Theirs is the work of re-creation after the earth was made void and when darkness again settled like a thick fog upon the hearts of men. Their responsibility is to eradicate all that is false, all misperceptions of God’s character, all heart idolatry, and all evil deeds that proceed from darkness.”

“My overcomers bear My light in the darkness,” the Voice said, “and the darkness can neither comprehend it nor extinguish it. 139 There can be no compromise between light and darkness, for in the end, there will be only light. Truth will ruthlessly search out every lie until no deception can be found in My universe.”

“There can be no compromise between life and death. Neither will life coexist with death. Life will be merciless toward death. This is My passion, My will, and My promise to all who dwell in the darkness of this present world.”

“Yet I am in no hurry,” the Voice continued. “My rulers are cities of refuge in a violent world, cities of mercy where love is scarce, priestly cities where they may learn to judge righteously and not bear false witness. There men are able to learn and grow as they await the death of the great High Priest, the Messiah who will set them free and allow them to return to lost inheritances.” 140

“What, then, shall we do tomorrow?” I asked. 141

“You have already eaten some of the provisions from My banquet table,” He said, “but there is more that I would have you taste. You have exercised much of the authority that I have given you, but there are other morsels that remain untasted and untested. These you must experience before you are fully ready to establish My Kingdom in Newkirk and Cosmos.”

“Return now to those who struggle in the darkness. Give comfort where fear of death now abounds. The invitation has been given to all, but only a few have the heart to respond to the call. Those whose hearts respond are My overcomers, and these will receive the light of life. I will train them and put My law in their hearts, so that they may be fully equipped to be My judges, kings, and priests to the rest of the world.”

The interview had concluded. Pegasus and Pleiades bowed their heads to the Light and began to walk across the blue stones toward the entrance of the cave. Sippore flew ahead of them once again. Sipporah and I followed.

The sun had gone down by this time, and the day had followed it to another part of the earth, ever searching for the few with eyes to see. Storm clouds were gathering in the distance, and we mounted our faithful horses once again for the return trip. I wondered what new adventure would reveal the meaning of the fifth day of Sukkoth.


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