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Appendix F: 2020 Addendum

(referenced on page 181)

The chart above shows graphically how the world (represented by Canaan) is scheduled to be set free from Cursed Time and complete its final cleansing cycles so that the world can move to Blessed Time in 2024. Between now and then, I believe that the Holy Spirit will be poured out worldwide, causing the people to repent so that they may qualify for Blessed Time.

The Curse on the Earth

When Adam sinned, God cursed the ground for his sake (Gen. 3:17). The ground itself took responsibility for Adam’s sin—essentially acting as a redeemer who takes responsibility for another man’s debt. The trade-off is that Adam became enslaved to the ground and to sin itself.

The ground became responsible to pay Adam’s debt and to bring forth righteousness in the earth. This put the ground on Cursed Time, which is a grace period given to fulfill its obligation. This grace period, as subsequent history shows, was 4 x 414 years. At the end of that time, the ground failed to fulfill its obligation, and so the flood was sent to judge the earth for that failure.

Only Noah and his family were spared, because he “found favor (grace) in the eyes of the Lord” (Gen. 6:8). After the year-long flood had essentially cleansed the earth, God made a universal covenant to save the earth (Gen. 9:9-17). This suggests that the earth was on Blessed Time with Noah as its ruler.

Then Noah planted a vineyard, and after a few years of growth, Noah received his first crop of grapes in the year 1660. Unfortunately, conditions had changed, and he got drunk on the wine. Gen. 9:21 says,

21 He drank of the wine and became drunk and uncovered himself inside his tent. 22 Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father and told his two brothers outside.

Jasher 7:27-29 gives us more details, saying,

27 And in their going out [of the ark], Ham stole those garments from Noah his father, and he took them and hid them from his brothers. 28 And when Ham begat his first born Cush, he gave him the garments in secret, and they were with Cush many days. 29 And Cush also concealed them from his sons and brothers, and when Cush had begotten Nimrod, he gave him those garments through his love for him, and Nimrod grew up, and when he was twenty years old he put on those garments. 30 And Nimrod became strong when he put on the garments, and God gave him might and strength, and he was a mighty hunter in the earth.

The garments represented the divine right to rule the earth, as well as the garments of salvation. These “skins” were a substitute for the lost glory, which Paul calls “the earthly tent” (2 Cor. 5:1) in which we are clothed in our fleshly state. Adam was given such “clothing” to represent a lower form of authority in the earth. When Nimrod put on those garments, “God gave him might and strength.” The Bible confirms this in Gen. 10:8, 9,

8 Now Cush became the father of Nimrod; he became a mighty one on the earth. 9 He was a mighty hunter before the Lord; therefore it is said, “Like Nimrod a mighty hunter before the Lord.”

It might seem strange that God would strengthen Nimrod after receiving stolen garments. Moreover, he usurped the throne of Noah, who was the rightful king of the earth. But all of this prophesied of things to come, things pertaining to Babylon, the city which Nimrod built (Gen. 10:10).

Cursed Time for Canaan

Ham’s actions brought about a resumption of Cursed Time for the earth, beginning with Noah’s curse on Canaan. Just as Nimrod usurped the throne of Noah, so also Canaan and his descendants usurped the Promised Land, that is, the promises of God. Prophetically speaking, the Canaanites were unrepentant people who considered the Promised Land to be theirs forever.

But that was not to be. Noah had cursed Canaan, and this put Canaan on Cursed Time for 2 x 414 years. Their grace period ended in the year that Joshua led Israel into Canaan and displaced the Canaanites. (See the chart.)

The tribulation of Canaan, brought upon them by Joshua, essentially paid their debt to sin, for they had failed for 828 years to rule the land in righteousness. Their oppression and their religious practices were an abomination to God, and God judged them for it.

But the Promised Land was shared thereafter by Israel and the Canaanites, because the Israelites never conquered the land fully. Hence, in the long-term view of prophecy, the Cursed Time for Canaan continued just under the surface for another 7 x 414 years from Joshua’s Jordan crossing until the year 1492 when God began to resolve the problem. (See the chart.)

This time cycle can be seen on the long chart in this book and in chapter 10. However, I did not fully comprehend its significance until recently. Normally, a Cursed Time cycle will end with a 76-year cleansing cycle to bring the nation into Blessed Time (414 + 76 = 490). I have seen various ways in which God has accomplished this, but only recently did I see that the 7 cycles of 414 years would have to be cleansed by 7 cycles of 76 years ending in 2024.

In this manner, the 7 x 414 years of Cursed Time are brought fully into 7 x 490, which is Blessed Time. These cycles of cleansing began in 1492 and finally end in 2024.

It is apparent now that Canaan has functioned as a type and shadow of the world in general. Being descendants of Ham, the original offender in this case, the Canaanites (and Nimrod) represent the usurpers called Babylon and known prophetically as Mystery Babylon today. The end of Canaan’s Cursed Time means that the earth, which belongs to God by right of creation, will no longer be ruled by the usurpers. The year 2024 will surely mark a new beginning point in the history of the world.

The Final 76-Year Cycle

If you look at the chart, you will see that the final 76-year cycle of cleansing runs from 1948-2024. The year 1948 was another very important year in prophecy, though it has been misunderstood by most Christians. 1948 was the year that the Jewish Nation called Israel was founded. Most people were ignorant of the history of the birthright in the story of Jacob and Esau.

I covered that history in my book, The Struggle for the Birthright. There I show how Esau’s descendants, known as Edom, believed that they were the rightful inheritors of the land and the promises of God. They fought with Israel and Judah for centuries. In the end, Edom (or Idumea) was conquered by Judah in 126 B.C. and forced to adopt Judaism and become Jews. This is acknowledged by virtually all Jewish authors and all historians.

Few, however, know its implications in prophetic history.

The merger between Judah and Edom made Judah responsible to fulfill the prophecies given to both nations. In 1948 God gave the land to the Jews in order to rectify the situation in Genesis 27 when Jacob deceived his blind father into giving him the birthright. So in 1948 God blinded us in order to induce Jacob to give back the land to Esau-Edom.

At the time, the land was controlled by Britain, whose flag is called Union Jack. Jack is short for Jacob. Hence, Britain played the role of Jacob giving the land back to the Jews who represented Esau-Edom. God judged Jacob in this by giving Esau his due. Jacob had taken the birthright by stealth and deception before Esau had had time to prove himself to be unworthy.

The law of God said that a firstborn son could not be disinherited without lawful cause. Deut. 21:15-17 says,

15 If a man has two wives, the one loved and the other unloved, and both the loved and the unloved have borne him sons, if the firstborn son belongs to the unloved, 16 then it shall be in the day he wills what he has to his sons, he cannot make the son of the unloved the firstborn before the son of the unloved, who is the firstborn. 17 But he shall acknowledge the firstborn, the son of the unloved, by giving him a double portion of all that he has, for he is the beginning of his strength, who is the firstborn.

So Reuben was disinherited lawfully after he defiled his father’s bed (1 Chron. 5:1). But Esau, the “hated son” (Malachi 1:3), that is, the “unloved son,” was denied time to prove himself lawfully unworthy. Hence, the birthright had to be given back to him at some point in history, in order that the law might give him justice. This is why the Israeli state, representing Esau-Edom, was given the birthright, along with the birthright name, Israel. This was also why God blinded the eyes of the Church, so that everyone would treat Edom as if it truly held the birthright.

The final 76-year cycle, then, from 1948-2024, appears to be the time allotted to the Israeli state of Edom to repent and fulfill the terms of the birthright. If and when they fail to do this, God will judge them and give the birthright to those of His choice, the remnant of grace, the true Israelites that He has chosen (Rom. 11:7).

This appears to be the primary situation to watch in this final 76-year cycle.

The Captivity of Israel

If you check the lower part of the chart, you will see a second series of 414-year cycles that date from the first captivity of Israel to the king of Mesopotamia (Judges 3:8). This first captivity began 42 years after the Jordan crossing, and it lasted 8 years. However, this captivity was only a pattern-setter for a much longer time of captivity on a deeper level. The length of this captivity on a prophetic level was 8 x 414 years, ending in 1948.

Essentially, it shows that Israel itself was on Cursed Time until 1948, after which time Israel began its 76-year time of cleansing that ends in 2024.

This coincides perfectly with Canaan’s Cursed Time. It is incredible how the two cycles ultimately come to an end on the same date. God did this by requiring 7 cycles of 76 years for Canaan’s cleansing, while requiring only one cycle of 76 years for Israel’s cleansing.

Both deal with usurpers—that is, carnal men and nations who, in different ways, believe themselves to be chosen to rule the earth as inheritors of the birthright. In the end, both Babylon and the Edomite state of Israel will fall, and their slaves will be delivered out of their hands. Then the world will truly come into Blessed Time in preparation for the Kingdom of God for the next thousand years.

Most Christians cannot see this, first because they do not really understand the difference between Israel and Judah. They think the Jews are the Israelites, when in fact the Israelites were exiled to Assyria and never returned, while the Jews were sent to Babylon and returned after 70 years. This lack of understanding causes Christians to apply Israel’s prophecies to Judah and the Jews. That is a big mistake that blinds their eyes.

Secondly, in the case of Judah itself, Paul distinguishes between true Jews and false Jews in Rom. 2:28, 29. Those who follow King Jesus and recognize His throne rights are the true Jews whose hearts have been circumcised. Paul utilizes the meaning of the name Judah (“praise”) to prove his point, saying, “his praise,” that is, his status in Judah, is not from men but from God.”

In other words, those people that men call “Jews” are not members of the tribe of Judah, because they are not in unity with Judah’s King.

Those who reject Jesus as the King usurped His throne rights and thereby disqualified themselves as “Jews,” i.e., members of the tribe of Judah. Though one may be outwardly circumcised, “he is not a Jew,” Paul says. One cannot reject the King of Judah and still be a member in good standing in the tribe of Judah. As the law puts it, he is “cut off from among his people,” as we see in Lev. 17:4.

Citizenship in Judah is not based on biology but upon the law. That is why foreigners may attach themselves to the covenant of God through faith (Isaiah 56:6) and thereby receive Israelite citizenship, while biological Israelites may be cut off from lawful citizenship by not swearing allegiance to the King.

By understanding these two truths, it is not hard to see the meaning of the 8 Cursed Time cycles of Israel’s captivity (8 x 414 years). It is the way in which God is distinguishing the true Israelites from the false, from those who are worthy from those who are not. Esau is not worthy, nor was it ever said that he had the ultimate right to hold the birthright. His hold on it was temporary, for it was given to him in 1948 on account of Jacob’s unlawful manner of obtaining the birthright in Genesis 27.

It appears, then, that this dispute will be resolved in 2024 when we reach the end of the 76-year cycle from 1948. The Jewish state was established by a coalition of Edomites and former Judahites who rejected Jesus Christ as King. Both of these groups desired to be “chosen” without being worthy of such status. Hence we see this disagreement as to who are the true and lawful “Jews.”

The Parable of the Vine-growers

Jesus spoke a parable of the Landowner and how his servants usurped the “vineyard” (Kingdom). He sent His servants, the prophets, to obtain the fruit of the Kingdom, but the servants were beaten and stoned. Finally He sent His Son. Matt. 21:37-39 says,

37 But afterward he sent his son to them, saying, “They will respect my son.” 38 But when the vine-growers saw the son, they said among themselves, “This is the heir; come, let us kill him and seize his inheritance.” 39 They took him and threw him out of the vineyard and killed him.

This shows how the Kingdom was usurped. Those who had been entrusted with the “vineyard” killed the Son because they recognized who He was—not because they failed to recognize Him. If they had been ignorant of His identity, they might have had some excuse for their actions.

Jesus then allowed them to judge themselves. Matt. 21:40, 41 says,

40 Therefore when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those vine-growers? 41 They said to Him, “He will bring those wretches to a wretched end and will rent out His vineyard to other vine-growers who will pay him the proceeds at the proper seasons.”

Jesus agreed with their verdict, saying in verses 43,

43 “Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing the fruit of it.”

This is consistent with Jesus’ curse upon the fig tree (i.e., Judah) earlier in Matt. 21:19, where He said, “No longer shall there ever be any fruit from you.” He cursed the fig tree because it bore only leaves and no fruit. Later, He qualified His statement in Matt. 24:32, 33,

32 “Now learn the parable from the fig tree; when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; 33 so you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door.”

Jesus did not prophecy that the fig tree would suddenly produce fruit, for that would contradict His previous word. Instead, He prophesied that the cursed fig tree would sprout more leaves. But leaves were the original problem. One cannot eat fig leaves. Fig leaves have been a problem since the time of Adam, where they are used as a false covering for sin (Gen. 3:7). In other words, when you see the fig tree of Judah come back to life (in 1948) by self-justification apart from the blood of Christ, then you know that the end is near. We see now that this event signaled a 76-year cycle to 2024. It appears that this is the deadline for the Jews to repent and to bring forth the fruit of the Kingdom.

If they fail to repent, then the kingdom of God will be taken from them once again. I believe they will continue on the path of Esau. There is no prophecy that Esau-Edom will repent before the Great White Throne judgment when every knee will bow. The year 2024 is not that day.

The 38-Year Delay: 1986-2024

The 12 spies gave their report on the 50th Jubilee from Adam. It was the day they were supposed to blow the Jubilee trumpet and return to their inheritance (Canaan). However, ten of the spies gave an evil report, and the people believed them and refused to go in. This brought about a 38-year delay (Deut. 2:14) before Joshua finally led them across the Jordan into the Promised Land.

Fast forward another 70 Jubilees. The 120th Jubilee should have been blown in October of 1986, but no one understood the times and seasons. The trumpet was not blown, and so we entered into another 38-year delay to 2024. That is just four years away from now (2020).

When we see parallels from Scripture, we know what to do and can overcome the problem that occurred long ago. In this case, we are entering the Kingdom once again, but this time on a larger scale. It is no longer about Canaan and Israel. It is about the universal Kingdom of God and the chosen remnant of grace that is called to rule with Christ.

Those who have the faith of Caleb and Joshua will be the leaders and rulers in the coming Kingdom. These are the ones who are motivated by faith, not by fear. Caleb and Joshua are types of the remnant of grace, the overcomers. Those who follow their example of faith are the inheritors of the birthright and will receive it when it is stripped away from Edom-Jewry.

Note that the Israelites as a whole were not “chosen,” because they were blinded (Deut. 29:4). Paul tells us that the remnant of grace is “chosen” and “the rest were blinded” (Rom. 11:7 KJV). In that snapshot of the Kingdom, who will be seen in the picture?

In the days of Elijah, only 7,000 men were God’s chosen people. Scripture calls them the remnant of grace. The Israelites as a whole were not God’s chosen people. So let us pray for blindness to be removed and to hear God’s voice, which alone can produce genuine faith (Rom. 10:17).