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Chapter 3: Abortion Under the Wooden Yoke

In Chapter 2 I gave just a little background behind the rise of Mystery Babylon in America and the world since 1914. I also showed how America was placed under a "wooden yoke" captivity, rather than a "yoke of iron" as described in Deut. 28:48.

It is no coincidence that WOODROW Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1914 and that it was followed in 1916 by the 16th Amendment, which established the "Income Tax." This laid the foundations of the wooden yoke, which is primarily a captivity by tribute, or taxation, which recognizes the authority of the conquering nation (Babylon).

History shows that we are a rebellious lot. We want the right to be immoral and lawless, while at the same time we ask God to bless us. Then when God removes His blessing from our nation, we cannot understand why He would do such a thing. We conclude that the problems must be caused either by the devil or by evil men in the world. When divine judgment happens to our enemies, we attribute it to God; when it happens to us, we attribute it to the devil. Such is the arrogance of the human heart.

The only way that God could be merciful to us in bringing us into the Neo-Babylonian captivity in 1914 was by blinding us to the very existence of the captivity. The Federal Reserve Act was passed on Dec. 23, 1913 with only five senators present, because everyone else had gone home for Christmas. It was said to be just a "routine banking bill," and Wilson signed it without even reading it.

The bill itself was written by bankers a few years earlier on Jekyll Island. The full story of this secret meeting was exposed by Frank Vanderlip in the Saturday Evening Post on February 9, 1935. The point is, it was Mystery Babylon, that is, a SECRET Babylon. Most Americans know little or nothing about it, nor do they care as long as they can make money through it.

The bankers thought that they were really smart in pulling the wool over our eyes, but they did not know that God was in control of the situation. They were as ignorant of this as was Nebuchadnezzar, whom God calls "My servant" in Jer. 27:6. They did not know that God raised them up to judge America for the lawlessness in the Church. In fact, the final act of Church lawlessness was reached when the people denominationalized Pentecost, which had been poured out in 1901-1906.

God blinded our eyes so that we would submit to Babylon. He knew that Americans do not like captivity and would have revolted against Babylon, had they known. Then God would have had to raise up a worse captivity—an iron yoke—to force us to submit. By blinding our eyes, He was able to give us a relatively comfortable captivity, with no serious destruction of our cities.

Under those conditions, then, He led the Supreme Court to issue its Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. What? God did this? Yes, God was not taken by surprise.

The Church has been aborting and miscarrying the Manchild for centuries. Years ago the Father showed me that the Church under Pentecost had done this in every "Manchild generation." I am speaking corporately, not individually, of course, so this has not been true for every individual Christian.

If "Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Col. 1:27) is resident in you, then your soul is pregnant with Christ, conceived by the Holy Spirit, even as Mary conceived Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. Jesus told Nicodemus (literal translation of John 3:3), "You must be begotten from above." To beget is to conceive. What He said to Nicodemus, He says to all.

The Apostle Paul labored in the Galatian Church to bring Christ to full birth in them, saying in Gal. 4:19,

19 My children, with whom I am again in labor until Christ is formed in you.

Like a baby in the womb, Christ must be fully formed in us before He can be brought to birth. Christ was conceived in you when you were justified by faith. Christ was fully formed in you at Pentecost, because after 7 weeks, a fetus has all of its fingers, toes, and looks like a baby. But only at Tabernacles is the baby developed enough to be born.

It is in the seventh month that a baby's lungs are developed enough to breathe on its own without an incubator. Thus, the feast of Tabernacles comes in the seventh month with the fullness of the Spirit (breath, wind).

In fact, the feast of Hanukkah is the Feast of Lights at the end of the ninth month, when the baby would normally be born and come into the light.

Speaking of the Church as a whole, it is like the days of Hezekiah, who said in 2 Kings 19:3, "the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth." The Church is weak, because it has been fed too much spiritual junk food, rather than the good Word of God. Hebrews 5:12-14 tells us that the Church has a tendency to want to remain on a milk diet, rather than getting into the real meat of the word.

The denominational Churches do not want Christians to grow up and leave home to establish their own families. They prefer to keep them as children, like an over-indulgent mother, so that they all remain under one roof. But this is contrary to nature, and contrary to the will of God. And so the Church keeps its members immature, and thus it seldom brings its children into the full birth of the Feast of Tabernacles. In other words, it "aborts" the Manchild or simply "miscarries" for lack of health and strength.

Nature teaches us that every 28 days (healthy average) a woman can conceive a child. A "Manchild generation," then, is a period of 28 YEARS. The Church has aborted or miscarried the Manchild for 70 Manchild generations. 70 x 28 = 1960 years. The Church under Pentecost was established in Acts 2 in the year 33 A.D. This means the 70th Manchild generation ran from 1965-1993.

In 1985 the revelation came with signs and wonders that the Church had aborted and miscarried the Manchild in the 70th generation of the Church. (I will tell this story in chapter 4.) Because the Church was like King Saul, the Church had spiritual authority under God to set the pattern for the world to follow. That is the real reason behind Roe v. Wade. It was not a bunch of evil men on the Supreme Court allowing evil to happen. It was the Supreme Court ruling on behalf of the Church. They only did according to the dictates of the Church, which had been aborting the Manchild for 70 generations.

Up until 1993 the Church had spiritual authority in the world. If the heart of the Church had not been as rebellious as King Saul, the world would have been converted a long time ago. But Saul wanted power without obedience. In his day, Saul's carnal mind empowered the Philistines, who represent the carnal mind in biblical allegory. Ultimately, Saul was overpowered by the Philistines, because he was overpowered by his own carnal mind. That is why he killed himself—not by the leading of the Spirit, but by the leading of his own carnal mind.

King Saul "died" in 1993 after ruling for 40 Jubilees. You see, 70 Manchild generations is also 40 Jubilees. (40 x 49 = 1960 years). Even as Saul ruled 40 years, so also did the Church under Pentecost rule 40 Jubilees.

We are now in a post-Pentecostal period. We are now in the beginning of the reign of David. Everything began to change in 1993 when the Jubilee Prayer Campaign began to chip away at the foundations of Mystery Babylon. It was a "Jericho" march. Israel marched around Jericho 13 times (Joshua 6). I believe this represents 13 years. This year 2006 marks a major milestone in this long cycle of spiritual warfare, for it is the 13th year of our warfare.

As of the time of this writing (2006), we are now seeing very interesting signs of the soon-coming fall of Babylon. But woven within the fabric of this captivity is the abortion theme.