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The Purpose of the Wilderness

Do you feel like you are in a spiritual wilderness? Have you been expelled from your Church? This explains why God calls some out of the Church for a season to teach them new things, so that they can return to minister to those who have ears to hear.

Category - Short Book

Chapter 9

Greater Works Than These

I believe that the world will see miracles that they have never seen before—the greater works that Jesus said would be done (John 14:12). This will result in the greatest harvest of souls that the world has ever seen. Just when most Christians think the harvest is finished, they will find that it has just begun.

The overcomers have another thousand years in which to teach the world. In the coming Age the nations will flow to Mount Zion in the heavenly Jerusalem to learn the law of the Lord (Is. 2:2-4). They will not need to travel to the old city of Jerusalem to a physical temple, for Christ will be manifested in the overcomers, who will be His Temple. They will be the “Zion” of prophecy as well, for Hebrews 12:22 says the new Zion is not the old Zion, any more than the New Jerusalem is the old city.

Zion is the city of David from which place he ruled Israel. Those who attain to the first resurrection are the David company that are called to rule (Rev. 20:4-6). It is not based upon genealogy, but upon character and relationship with Jesus Christ. One must be like David, “a man after God’s own heart.”

There will be a new Melchizedek Order that combines rulership with priesthood, even as Jesus Christ is both King and High Priest. “Melchi” means King. “Zadok” means Righteousness and refers to the high priest under Solomon, the “Prince of Peace.” The rule of Solomon portrays the rule of peace in Jerusalem, the “City of Peace.”

So if YOU are part of that New Jerusalem, if YOU are part of that Mount Zion, people will come to YOU and ask, “What is God saying?” You will be able to share with them not only what the Word of the Lord is, but also teach them how to hear the Word for themselves. You will teach them the divine law and administer justice according to the mind of Christ. And as they learn to hear the voice of the Spirit for themselves, this law will begin to be written on their hearts, for they will not merely hear it externally, but internally. Not merely their actions will be changed, but also their hearts, their very nature, until all come to the place where they all put on the mind of Christ and manifest His character.