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The Book of Revelation - Part 30 The Christian Frog

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Issue #200April 2005

The Book of Revelation - Part 30 The Christian Frog

Thus far we have outlined the forces behind two of the three “frogs” mentioned in Rev. 16:13—the “dragon” frog of Luciferian freemasonry and the “false prophet” frog coming from Islam in the form of Osama bin Laden. In our supplementary issue we brought you up to date on the history of the Roman Catholic Church. We now turn to the Christian frog of the “beast” that is bringing America to Armageddon.

The Christian frog is designed to draw Christianity into the destruction of Armageddon. The overall purpose of the three frogs, from the satanic viewpoint, is to destroy the three main religions and replace it with Luciferianism—the ultimate goal of the New Age movement.

The Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church is too experienced over long centuries to be drawn directly into this Armageddon. Their listening post at the Vatican is too informed to take such bait. After all, as we showed earlier, they knew of the Luciferian plan for three world wars at least as far back as the 1890’s, and Cardinal Rodriguez of Santiago, Chile actually wrote his own book, The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled, about the plan in 1925.

And so it is not surprising to see today that the Vatican does not support the largely American war in Iraq, because they surely know that this adventure will ultimately lead to Albert Pike’s doomsday scenario.

Of course, the average Roman Catholic as an individual is not privy to this information and may be as susceptible to the influence of the “frog” as anyone else.

The Presbyterians and WWC

Mainline Protestant leaders are also well read, though they do not have the diplomatic and international skills and traditions of the Vatican. They know enough to oppose the Israeli messianic venture that claims to be the fulfillment of the biblical Kingdom of God—or at least allows the evangelical movement to believe it.

The World Council of Churches recently decided to take all of its investments out of the Israeli state until they cease their occupation of Palestinian land. In doing so, they leap-frogged over the Presbyterian Church, which has been seriously debating this issue since last year. In an article by Chris Moore, Mainline Protestants Challenge Israel Lobby, Dec. 7, 2004, we read,

“The Presbyterian Church recently came under fire for its decision to employ a human rights tactic on behalf of Palestinians that it once used to encourage racial reform in apartheid South Africa: the process of divestment—in this case, from companies that profit from Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinian territories.

“The divestment process was set in motion by the PC-USA’s 216th General Assembly last summer. In early November, the Church’s committee on socially responsible investment set criteria to guide the ‘phased selective divestment’ from corporations that profit from Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza…

“The response was immediate—and extreme.

“An anonymous letter postmarked in Queens, N.Y., was sent to the Louisville, Ky., headquarters of the Presbyterian Church USA threatening arson against Presbyterian churches in retaliation for ‘your anti-Israel and anti-Jewish attitudes.

“According to an account of the incident issued by the Presbyterian News Service, the handwritten letter read, ‘I promise violence against Presbyterian Churches—They will go up in flames, bet your ass that’s a terrorist threat’.”

Those who have read my book, The Struggle for the Birthright, will not be surprised at this threat of Jewish terrorism. If they were to do such things in America, it would only be a continuation of Menachem Begin’s Irgun and Yitzhak Shamir’s Stern Gang of the 1940’s. The spirit of violence was the real force behind Zionism since they chose Barabbas over Jesus (Luke 23:18; Acts 3:14).

The Evangelicals

Chris Moore’s article continues with these ominous words about the Evangelicals:

“On top of all that influence [of the Israel lobby] add the heft of millions of Evangelical Rapturists, who believe their support of Israeli expansionism is hastening the conditions necessary to trigger the return of Jesus. Messianically similar to some Ultra-Orthodox Jews, who believe the Jewish Messiah won’t arrive until Israel has regained the West Bank (biblical Judea and Samaria), Rapturists want to see Israel return to its biblical geography, populated by a sufficient number of Jews (who have converted to Christianity) to bring about the Second Coming…

“Because Israel possesses up to 200 nuclear weapons, and because the Israel lobby in America seems intent on encouraging—indeed, enabling—its increasing belliger-ence in order to advance apocalyptic theological agendas, the emergence of a politically organized Christian counter force in America may well be all that stands between the world and self-fulfilling Armageddon prophecy.”

The primary “Achilles heel” of Christianity is surely the Evangelical movement. They are the ones most vulnerable to the call of the frog coming from the mouth of the beast. This is partly because of their inability to see the bigger picture. But mostly, it is because their very strength—their belief in the Bible—has been used against them. Instead of destroying their belief in the Bible, “wolves” have come in unawares and have taught them unbiblical doctrines in order to harness their energy and votes for their own ends.

To give an example, I have corresponded by email with a number of people including one Jewish Christian woman who wrote this:

“I just wanted to let you all know that last nite, dreamer that I am, I had another one!

“It was Halloween nite, and the kids in their costumes were going around joyfully proclaiming that our President had just announced that he was going to nuke Iran, because of what they had done to Israel!!!!

The parents of the children were out on the door steps cheering the children on, and celebrating as if it were ‘Happy Days are here again’.

“I woke up and thought…how odd that children should joyfully announce that we had bombed Iran…and even more so that their parents would be cheering them on.

“And I thought of Phinehas when he speared the royals in adultery (sic), when Yahwey was about to annialate (sic) the Israelites in the wilderness. What a day for joyfulness that was for the people of Israel.

“By the way . . . Could it be that our President would dare to be like Phinehas? If the Ruach should speak to him… what a move of the Spirit that would be.”

This is a good example of how many Christian Zionists are so violent once they stop giving lip service to the love of Jesus. They actually think that nuking Israel’s enemies is something that the Holy Spirit would lead a president to do. Who cares if millions of Iranians are killed or maimed? What matter that Jesus would never have entertained such a thought? Such people prefer the spirit of Phinehas, because they are living under the Old Covenant, even while piously spouting the New Covenant.

This violent tendency is widespread in the Evangelical movement. They do not view the world through the eyes of Jesus, but through the eyes of an Israeli god, who takes vengeance on anyone who opposes his privileged people.

Thus, the Evangelicals as a whole have been the main body of people influenced by the frog of the beast, and with the power of the ballot, they more than any other force, have pushed America and Christianity toward the big disaster of Armageddon. Their apocalyptic view, coupled with religious fervency, has been noted by the dark side and used against them.

President Bush and the War on Terror

President Bush is God’s man of the hour. That is, I believe that he is the one called as the representative of Evangelicals to carry out the word of the unclean spirit (frog) from the mouth of the Christian beast.

The “war on terror” that he instituted in 2001, which he says will last for “generations,” will continue only until the first nukes bring the dawn of Armageddon. Meanwhile, the Bush Doctrine is to overthrow the enemies of the Israeli state one by one. He has no intention of addressing Jewish terrorism. It is only Islamic terrorism that concerns him, because that is what concerns his core constituency.

First he targeted Afghanistan, not because it was a threat, but because it housed Osama bin Laden. It was also a large part of the territory of old Assyria, which deported the house of Israel. The Israelis want revenge upon all the nations of the past whom God used to punish them for their sin.

Afghanistan became a useful stepping stone to Iraq, the territory of the old Babylonian Empire. Babylon took Jerusalem and destroyed the temple of Solomon which the Judeans had made a “den of robbers” (Jer. 7:11). They want revenge upon Iraq for that reason.

They want revenge upon Syria as well, because ancient Israel fought many wars with Syria. And then there is that matter of Antiochus Epiphanes, the Syrian king who desecrated the temple in 168 B.C. That had to be avenged.

They want revenge upon Iran, because Iran is Persia. And although the Persian king Cyrus allowed Judeans to return to the old land, he did not give them independence. So that too had to be avenged.

They have not forgotten the Egyptian bondage either, even though God already judged them with ten plagues. The Israeli god wants more blood from modern Egyptians.

Oh, yes, have we forgotten the Roman Catholic Church and its persecution in the past 1,500 years? No matter that the Jews did their best to persecute and destroy the early Christians and goaded the Romans into helping them for centuries. Christians do not have the right to fight back, in their view. And in this they are right, because Christians are supposed to be doing the works of Jesus, who did not kill a single Jew or anyone else—though He opposed their teachings in no uncertain terms.

The Ideal World as Conceived in Judaism

If the Zionists were to have their way, they would kill all the Christian Evangelicals who refused to convert to Judaism, believe in their messiah, and become animal-sacrificing Jews in a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

The alternative would be for them to consent to be hewers of wood and drawers of water for a thousand years for some nice Jewish family that God has privileged to have 2,500 gentile slaves, as set forth in the Talmudic writing Shulhan Aruch. Is this the sort of “heaven” that Evangelicals are working to establish for themselves?

Dr. Israel Shahak, emeritus professor of organic chemistry at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, wrote about a very influential book written by a 14th century rabbi. In his book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, p. 95, he criticizes this widespread tenet of Judaism:

“In 322, dealing with the duty to keep a Gentile slave enslaved for ever (whereas a Jewish slave must be set free after seven years) the following explanation is given:

“And at the root of this religious obligation [is the fact that] the Jewish people are the best of the human species, created to know their Creator and worship Him, and worthy of having slaves to serve them…

“Gentiles are presumed to be congenital liars, and are disqualified from testifying in a rabbinical court.”

On Oct. 18, 2004 an article was published in the Washington Times, “To the conspiracy theory born,” by Arnaud de Borchgrave. It was a criticism of both Islamic and Jewish attitudes that threatened the peace process. In regard to Jewish attitudes, he writes,

“In the West Bank, Ma’ariv reported, Israeli settlers are not worried about the Arab demographic threat as they nurture the vision of a ‘mega-occupation,’ or expanding the Kingdom of Israel to the borders promised in the covenant with Abraham.

“The Committee of Rabbis in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, writes, ‘Everyone who has faith in his heart…will not countenance betrayal of the divine promises of the Jewish people’.

“Professor Hillel Weiss, said Ma’ariv, spelled out what this meant: ‘The purpose of the armed struggle is to establish a Jewish state in all the territory that will be captured, from the River Euphrates [in Iraq] to the Egyptian River [Nile].’

“For good measure, Rabbi Haim Steinitz, writing on behalf of the rabbis of the Beit El settlement, explained, ‘In general, the Euphrates and the Nile are the main points of reference, as well as the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.’ That takes care of the western border. There is some dispute about the eastern border. Most West Bank rabbis say the Kingdom of Israel ‘should rest on the upper Syrian stretch of the Euphrates. Others, wrote Ma’ariv, ‘take a broader view with a border that runs down to the mouth of the Persian Gulf’…

“Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg says he knows in the near future the land of Israel is about to expand. ‘It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not—they will be killed.’

“Imams do not have exclusive rights on loony tunes. Palestinian state anyone?”

The problem with Evangelicals who support Zionism is that it has long taught that the present “age of grace” will end, and that during the Millennium the earth will return to an “age of law” under Jewish leadership. Further, the so-called “messianic” congregations are preparing for just such a world. And meanwhile, many non-Christian Jews are also preparing for it, with the blessing of Evangelical Christians who treat them as “almost Christian.” Most Evangelical Bible teachers have never really understood the implications of such a doctrine.

Most assume that Judaism is “the second best religion in the world.” To make it “the best,” all one has to do is to add Jesus Christ to Judaism as it is practiced today. Such a mindset glorifies Judaism to the point where, in spite of its rejection of Jesus, it supposedly has more truth than the Christians. In fact, Christianity is openly despised as being ignorant, and the solution is to “ask a rabbi.”

This idea that Jews devoted to Judaism are more knowledgeable of Scripture than Christians has given rise to the idea that a Christian Jew is the best Christian, and that messianic Christianity is the ultimate form of religion. And when coupled with the dispensationalist view that “age of grace” will soon pass away, Christians are pushed toward the view that Christian Judaism will be the new form of religion that Jesus will institute in the Millennium. He will live in a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and preside as High Priest over thousands of Levitical priests as they kill sacrifices twice daily.

Messianic Christians today rejoice when they hear that religious Jews in Jerusalem are searching the world to find as many as they can who are named Cohen, the Hebrew word for priest. If these men are indeed descendents of Aaron, at best they would form a Levitical priesthood.

But any study of the book of Hebrews would show that Jesus Christ is of a new order—the Order of Melchisedec. That order is not based upon genealogy and has nothing to do with being a descendent of Aaron. Thus, Evangelicals are being prepared to discard the Order of Melchisedec and to accept the Levitical priests of Judaism.

I have been told by Christian ministers that during the Millennial rule of Christ, true religion will revert back to animal sacrifices. This is based upon a strictly Old Testament view of certain passages in Ezekiel and other places. It is part of their literal reading of the text as if the New Covenant made no alteration to its meaning.

Though it is not actually stated, messianic Christianity brings us inevitably to the idea that the New Covenant Christianity will pass away, giving way to the advent of the Jewish Kingdom in the Millennium that looks much like life under the Old Covenant. A new physical temple will be built in Jerusalem, where Jesus will live. A new Levitical priesthood will be established with anyone named “Cohen,” the Hebrew word for priest.

All “gentiles” will be forced—on pain of death—to limit one’s Bible study to the so-called “Noahide laws” of Gen. 9:1-7. Studying the law will be forbidden, because it was “not meant for them.” This is the underlying force behind the Church teaching that the law is for Jews, and grace is for Gentiles. What is just a doctrinal view today would become a legal mandate in the Millennium.

The Talmud assumes that non-Jews have “Satanic souls,” and its low opinion of such people tends to make them believe that non-Jews are incapable of anything more than the bare “Noahide laws.” This low view of non-Jews (especially Christians) is the foundation of their prideful attitude toward others. God help us if the Church would ever succeed in enslaving us to them. This is the blatant racism of the Talmud, and it is totally inconceivable that any Evangelical Christian would support it—to their own destruction.

Cyrus Ingerson Scofield

Few men have been more influential in bringing the Church into line with Judaism than Scofield. One might forgive his disreputable earlier life—even after he became a Christian—but his connection to very powerful Jewish interests is not something to be ignored. The Incredible Scofield and his Book, by Joseph M. Canfield, documents his life. He says on p.173 and 174,

“The other act of 1901 was one that, according to the principles of the Brethren, should have made J. N. Darby spin in his grave. Scofield was admitted to membership in The Lotos Club in New York City…

“The club’s Literary Committee, when Scofield’s application was presented, included Samuel Untermeyer (1858-1941), a notorious criminal lawyer. Untermeyer’s accomplishments, described in Who’s Who in America take up more than two columns… Untermeyer’s life was so remote from the circles in which Scofield normally moved, that we must remain amazed that Untermeyer would have given Scofield the ‘white ball’ rather than the ‘black ball.’ A possible clue—Scofield’s ‘postponed Kingdom’ theory…was most helpful in getting Funda-mental Christians to back the international interest in one of Untermeyer’s pet projects—the Zionist Movement…

“Scofield kept up his membership in Lotos until his death in 1921. The membership was not referred to in any obituary or eulogy. (The Dispensational community knew nothing of it!) The club was given as Scofield’s residence in 1912 in Who’s Who in America. The 1905 letter to Gaebelein was written on The Lotos Club stationery.

Samuel Untermeyer was one of the framers of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Why would a high-level Jewish lawyer want to associate with a Christian teacher? Why would he actually live at the Lotos Club? And why would Oxford University agree to publish a Bible from an author with no degree but what he gave himself—“Dr.”?

“Scofield, who apparently had never before published anything except one small book and some pamphlets and tracts, seems to have amazingly easy entrée into one of the most prestigious and exclusive publishing houses in the English-speaking world.” (Canfield, p. 201)

Scofield’s Bible fit the Zionist political agenda, and so he was used to sing the Song of the Frog to the Church.