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Supplement About Katrina

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October 2005 - Supplement About Katrina

Issue #207
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Issue #207October 2005

Supplement About Katrina

Dear Friends,

The after-effects of Hurricane Katrina is obviously on everyone’s mind these days. With all the devastation in that area, my thoughts were with our friends, Frank and Hila Hines who live in Moss Point, MS. Moss Point is next to Pascagoula, MS between Gulfport and Mobile, AL.

The eye of the hurricane passed over their house, and for a time, they were right there in the eye of the storm. The wind came from the south, and then from the north. But while many homes were being destroyed around them, something different was happening at the Hines residence. They lost the fence around their property, along with a few shingles from the roof of the house, and the trees were stripped of their leaves, but both the house and the guest house stood firm.

The storm surge caused the water level from nearby Beardslee Lake to rise 25 feet. It came up right to their doorstep, but it went no further before returning to its place.

You see, they had previously anointed their houses and prayed that God would protect themselves and their property. God did protect them miraculously. I called them on Sept. 2nd to check on them, and they told me their testimony of God’s protection. Many of you know them also, since they have come to many of our conferences, so I thought I would let you know that God decided not to take them up in a whirlwind yet.

Kim Clement Prophecy about New Orleans

On July 22nd, 2005, while in Texas ministering, I received a word from the Spirit which was spoken publicly at  Christian Life Center in Humble, TX.  Here is the word:

Servants of God; Gatekeepers of New Orleans:

Enough of past curses reminding you of yesterday’s failures.  Enough of New Orleans and its treachery. . . .”

O New Orleans God speaks to you from Houston tonight and says enough of this!  For a judgment is coming says the Spirit of the Lord, and I will take the men that have stood in faith, raise them above the flood that shall destroy those that constantly bicker and stand against my servant Moses, or my servant [Pastor Garland] Bilbo.  I want you to understand there are great men in New Orleans that have faith, but you have been set aside not to lose but to win.  Enough of this!  For I will take the curses and the bodies will even rise and they will come forth on the water, but I will keep you and the stench of death will only last a few days.   And then what I promised two years ago will come to pass for August, September and October of this year I made a promise it would happen, and God said be strengthened now, be strengthened now, for enough is enough says the Lord.”

Kim Clement said that his friend, Pastor Garland Bilbo, was being persecuted in New Orleans, so this was the immediate occasion of the prophecy. I have seen many times how God uses a “local” situation to address a higher issue. In this case, He used the local situation to address New Orleans’ persecution of God’s people and their refusal to hear His Word. Interestingly enough, Pastor Bilbo was primarily being persecuted by fellow believers. As he writes, “His family had been a target of attack during the eighties and suffered persecution from religious forces during the Nineties due a public scandal in their family.” Thus, we might expect the judgment to affect many Christians as well as unbelievers in New Orleans.

Clement also makes this comment about the prophecy:

“What disturbed me even further was the fact that God used the following words to describe the depth of this act of nature; ‘I will take the curses and the bodies will even rise and they will come forth on the water.’ I realized that He was saying that the curses would rise, and as a result, human bodies would rise and come forth on the water. I know that the two are related because curses bring death and God was saying that it was the end of an era of ‘death’ over the region of New Orleans. Water speaks of judgment but also speaks of cleansing…Louisiana was the focus of attention, nationally and inter-nationally in the Eighties and even the Nineties, and God was saying that he would not allow this to continue; it only produces death.”

(A free MP3 download of this prophecy is available at www.kimclement.com.)

Reversing the Curse

Last October 27, 2004 the Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals in baseball’s World Series. People held up signs that read, “Reverse the Curse,” referring to the “curse of the bambino.” Baseball fans know all about that.

We have seen the Father speak in many strange ways over the years, and so we saw this as the prophesied intent of the Father to reverse the curse on the true Bambino—the Manchild—in order to bring the Manchild to birth. So this has been the underlying theme of what God has been doing throughout this past year. I see Katrina as a major event that has spiritual significance under the surface.

Kim Clement’s prophecy appears to reveal a connection between “reversing the curse” last October and the hurricane hitting New Orleans. The underlying purpose of God through Katrina is to purify by reversing the curses being produced in New Orleans. New Orleans is well known for its Voodoo, which is the art of placing curses on people by using voodoo dolls that represent the people being cursed. Katrina has certainly dealt a huge blow to the Voodoo religion there.

Divine judgments have a greater good in mind. That is the difference between judgment and mere punishment. Kim Clement says, “You [New Orleans] have been set aside not to lose but to win. . . . Be strengthened now, for enough is enough.” Likewise, in Chuck Pierce’s prophecy (FFI #207), the purpose of this divine judgment is to “awake the nation” and to purify the land. Thus, even in the midst of destruction and tragedy from the human perspective, watch the days ahead, for good will come of it. God intends to bring America to the place of repentance, so that she can be truly blessed.