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Supplement on the Queen of Heaven

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December 2005 - Supplement on the Queen of Heaven

Issue #209
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Issue #209December 2005

Supplement on the Queen of Heaven

Dear Friends,

In my FFI for Oct. 2005, I wrote: “Watch Halloween this year. It is the high holy day in witchcraft. Perhaps God will shut down Halloween with a blizzard like He shut down the Southern Decadence party.”

Well, Halloween was an important watch date, but not in the national news. More important was the death of two movie producers of the eight “Halloween” movies. Joseph Wolf died on Sept. 23, the first day of our conference in Denver. He was listed as the executive producer of the Halloween horror movies, along with Nightmare on Elm Street. The other producer, known as “Mr. Halloween,” was Moustafa Akkad. He died on Nov. 11 of wounds from the bomb attack on the Radisson Hotel in Amman, Jordan. He was attending the wedding when the suicide bomber blew himself up there on Nov. 9.

So when I had the insight to “watch Halloween,” I didn’t realize that it had more to do with a person than with a date in time. Once again, this is part of this year’s divine judgment upon witchcraft.

This judgment upon witchcraft is one battle in a bigger war upon modern Babylon. It is really a war between Mystery Babylon and the New Jerusalem, two capitals of very different kingdoms. The current Babylonian system promotes “secular governments” as a weapon against the Kingdom of God. As good patriotic Americans, we are supposed to think that our nation is secular and has always been secular—that this was the intent of the founders. But this is simply a lie. It may have been the intent of some of the founders, but certainly not the majority. The Supreme Court of America ruled in the 1890’s that America was a Christian Nation. This has never been formally rescinded, but it has certainly been eroded since the 1960’s by other rulings.

The point is, secularism as such was not mandated in the Constitution, and the famous “wall of separation between Church and State” was meant to protect the Church from government interference—not the other way around. The Bible sets forth its own idea of separation of Church and State. See Moses and Aaron. Moses was the State; Aaron was the Church. Each had its own duty. Moses’ calling was to receive the laws from God; Aaron’s calling was to set up the judicial system to judge disputes impartially and judiciously. Both Church and State were under God.

And that is how the founders in America viewed their new country. They simply wanted to be tolerant of different viewpoints, because each of the States had its own religious base. Massachusetts was Congregational, Pennsylvania was Quaker, Rhode Island was Adventist, Virginia was Episcopalian or Anglican. Our founders had to set up a nation that was inclusive and tolerant of all of these Churches, so that one could not dictate to the other how they should worship God. Not one of them attempted to exclude God from the government or from the legal system, or especially from the educational system.

Right now we are hearing in the news about the State of Kansas and its efforts to relegate the idea of Evolution back to its rightful status as a THEORY, rather than a FACT. This was also the idea behind the school dispute in Dover, Pennsylvania. The advocates of Evolution insist that school books cannot assert even a single statement that might cast doubt on Evolution as the origin of man and all life on earth. To put forth an alternative theory of “Intelligent Design” is considered unconstitutional.

But what is really happening here? To say that “Intelligent Design” cannot even be considered as a theory is to say that the public schools MUST TEACH ATHEISM when it comes to science. It is not enough to disagree with Creationists. They must make atheism the only scientific theory. As if God and science are totally incompatible.

But this dispute is also just another battle in the greater war between Mystery Babylon and the New Jerusalem’s Kingdom of God. So far, most Christians are trying to fight this battle in the courts, school boards, and in the political process. Be it far from me to discourage them in this fight, but this battle cannot be won apart from spiritual warfare. That is where we come in, because that is where we spend our time and energy. Without overthrowing the Queen of Heaven that rules the world, we cannot succeed in establishing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ upon the earth.

Politically speaking, I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I am a Monarchist, and I work as an Ambassador for Jesus Christ. I advocate Him as King in America and over the whole earth. I believe He is the rightful King of the earth, the Heir of all things, as the Bible clearly says. Many people who generally hold this same view have been trying to work within the ranks of the Republican Party. Their enemies call them “the extreme right.” The only reason they are “extremists” is because they are not the majority yet. When they become the majority, then their view will be normal, and the rest will be the extremists.

In the Middle East, an extremist is one who is willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of an Islamic Republic. I think here in America we should limit the word “extremist” in the same way. Those who are willing to kill others to establish the Kingdom of God are the genuine extremists—not those who work within the political, judicial, or educational system to establish His Kingdom.

But recognize that Christians cannot force their country to become Christian by the political process as long as a large portion of the citizens want secularism and freedom to be immoral or kill unborn babies. In practice, the only way the Kingdom of God can be established is by the power of the Holy Spirit. God has to do something to bring about a Great Awakening in the minds and hearts of the vast majority of the people.

I believe that this is soon going to occur. I do not pray that “the wicked” would be destroyed. I pray that they would see the light and love of Christ and that they would be set free of their deception. This is the true freedom in Christ. Sin brings bondage, and Christ has come to set us free from the power of sin and death. The immediate battle that lies ahead in the coming year is against the Queen of Heaven, the most powerful spirit that currently deceives the whole world. And we will win this battle.