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  • Kingdom update

    John has been in a court case against a bank in South Africa since late September after 3 of its board members arrogantly proclaimed that they would NEVER release the funds from John's account that they had, in effect, stolen. It only took a few weeks for... Read More

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  • Progress Report on Our World Outreach

    Sixty years ago today, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX, and on the same day the great Christian philosopher, C. S. Lewis, died in the UK. We remember. In 2023 our Kingdom building mission is progressing well. Our outreach in Nepal is growi... Read More

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  • The faucets are opening

    On October 31, 2023 I issued a call for two days of prayer and fasting on November 1, 2 to ask God to open the “taps” or faucets. Here is what I wrote: The purpose of this summons is to request that Father God will ensure that the “taps&... Read More

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  • Conference update

    We just discovered that the hotel in Rapid City does not have adequate internet connections that would allow us to livestream the conference. We will video the sessions, of course, and make them available on our site as soon as we can. At the last count, w... Read More

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  • The word is spreading throughout Pakistan

    Pastor Fiaz wrote this a few days ago: “Today we went to the convention held in Sialkot city. This convention is a very historic convention which was started in 1904 by Praying Hyde. Thousands of People from all over Pakistan come to this convention... Read More

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