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Serious Bible Study




This book is not designed to teach anyone how to prophesy. That is something that the Holy Spirit must do. Nonetheless, there are certain truths and principles which are essential for prophets in order to understand and interpret prophecy itself. This book sets forth principles which will be of benefit to prophets. It is largely a study of the word itself, especially in regard to biblical time cycles, the meaning of numbers, and the various calendars used in Scripture.

Those prophets whose calling is to give personal words to people may have less interest in these studies; however, those who prophesy about world events will find this book to have great value. In fact, in my view it is essential to understand biblical prophecy in order to align one’s own prophetic word with the divine plan.

In my view, everyone should have a strong working knowledge of the word of God, because this is what God spoke to prophets in past ages. Scripture thus lays the foundations of prophecy which we today can only build upon, adding further details that do not contradict this larger body of prophetic writings.

Needless to say, knowing the word of God enhances everyone’s calling, whether one is a prophet or any of the other fivefold ministries listed in Eph. 4:11. Such knowledge adds wisdom to one’s calling and prevents us all from straying from the truth.

Kingdom Vision gives specific teachings about the divine plan for creation which are believed to be the most important things that anyone—including prophets—ought to know in order to have a Kingdom vision.