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Chapter 6: The Second Bear Released

After Gulf War I, Israeli Prime Minister Rabin made a genuine attempt to make peace between his country and the Palestinians. He was the first to hold peace talks with Arafat, and they did sign the Oslo Agreement on Sept. 13, 1993. On the Hebrew calendar it was the 27th of Elul, the seventh month.

The Israeli government agreed to set up a Palestinian State within seven years. But then Rabin was gunned down on Nov. 4, 1995, and the peace accord was left without the necessary leadership to implement it.

In the days leading up to Rabin’s assassination, God had led me to intercede and fast for four days from Nov. 1-4. On the last day of the fast, Rabin’s assassination told me the full purpose of this fast. The fast was a prayer to delay the inevitable destructive war, if possible. Rabin was replaced by Prime Minister Peres a few weeks later, but as his name indicates ("division"), he presided over a divided and polarized people. He, too, was unable to bring peace or implement the Oslo Agreement.

In the summer of 2000, as the end of the seventh year drew near, Israeli Prime Minister Barak made another attempt to come to an agreement with Arafat and to bring peace. They made good progress at first. Then President Clinton is said to have pushed too hard for them to agree on the status of Jerusalem itself—the most difficult problem of all. The peace talks then broke off on July 25, 2000 and were deemed a dismal failure.

On the same date, the supersonic jet, the Concorde ("harmony, peace") crashed in Paris, and the Lord spoke to us saying, "Peace is taken from the earth." This word did not immediately register with me. It took a long time before I connected it to the statement that the angel made in 1986, when he said: "This is the beast of war, to be released when peace is taken from the earth."

But that is precisely what happened. This crash began a 414-day cycle of Cursed Time, leading to the Twin Towers disaster of Sept. 11, 2001. In my 1991 book, Secrets of Time, I show many examples of this time cycle. It is a cycle from the decree of judgment to the actual execution of judgment. God gives 414 years or 414 days as a grace period to see if men will repent. If they do not repent, then the judgment is carried out. This is what happened with the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Look it up for yourself. July 25, 2000 + 414 days = Sept. 11, 2001.

It is impossible to make up this stuff. I do not have any control of history. I only report the news and reveal the spiritual causes as I see them. As I see it, the second "bear" was released in the spirit on July 25, 2000 with the collapse of the peace talks, and then 414 days later, this release manifested in the world on Sept. 11, 2001.

Events happen in the spirit before they happen in the world. When you see spiritual events by divine revelation, then you have some idea what will soon happen in the world and when. Of course, one seldom can say for sure precisely HOW the event will manifest, but there is much that we CAN know. By understanding basic timing through biblical history, as set forth in my book, Secrets of Time, one can certainly come to see "watch dates," if one also has some spiritual discernment.

A second significant event that occurred in the year 2000 was when Ariel Sharon went to the Temple Mount supposedly to “pray.” Since he was not a religious man at all, everyone knew that he went there simply to provoke the Palestinians and to destroy the peace process. That is why he took at least 1,000 Israeli soldiers with him to “guard” him. It was no surprise when this “visit” sparked another uprising, destroying what was left of the peace process. It occurred on Sept. 28, 2000, which was Elul 28 on the Hebrew calendar.

In other words, the peace process begun by Prime Minister Rabin in 1993 fully died the day after the seven years were completed. There were, of course, those who had predicted that the Oslo Agreement was the “covenant” mentioned in Dan. 9:27 that is supposedly to be made with a great “Antichrist,” who was also the “confirm” that covenant in the middle of the seven-year period.

Of course, no such confirmation occurred on or around the time of March 13, 1997, which was the middle of the seven years. And once Ariel Sharon ended the peace process in Sept. 2000, all wild speculation ceased, and once again, the prophecy teachers were left with egg on their faces.

The fact is, God gave them seven years in which to establish peace, but neither side was interested.

Thus, there were two great events in the year 2000 that ended the peace process. The first was the failure of the peace initiative on July 25, and the second was Ariel Sharon’s visit to the temple mount on Sept. 28.

As mentioned earlier, from the collapse of the peace process on July 25, 2000 to the Twin Towers disaster on Sept. 11, 2001 was precisely 414 days. On July 25, 2000 the Lord pronounced that “peace is taken from the earth.” Exactly 414 days later, this judgment was executed, and America was the first to feel it.

On that day God removed His protective hand from America, because of our continual violation of His law and, specifically, for the sin of partiality toward the Israeli government since its founding in 1948. This sin has allowed the Israelis to steal land and to kill Palestinians with immunity, and it has built up a huge resentment among all the people that the Israelis have oppressed with our assistance.

The Twin Towers disaster of 9-11-01 plunged America into perpetual war. In other words, it released the second bear that I saw in the vision of 1986. The angel made it quite clear that the purpose of the second "bear" was to "devour much flesh" in Jerusalem. I equate this with the prophecies of Isaiah 29 and Jeremiah 19 to mean that this second beast is drawing men and nations into a cycle of violence that will ultimately destroy Jerusalem—and probably many other cities as well.

I do not think this second beast can be stopped, because it represents the judgment of God that has already been decreed. It might have been stopped prior to July 25, 2000 or even as late as Sept. 11, 2001. But once the judgment has been decreed, it will be carried out. Yet one can still limit its scope or lessen its effects through repentance.

Repentance can also DELAY the fulfillment of this prophecy. There are many examples of this in Scripture. For example, see 1 Kings 21:29, where Ahab merely humbled himself and delayed judgment into the next generation. Perhaps if he had repented and had actually given back the vineyard which he had stolen from Naboth and his heirs, the judgment might have been postponed for many more years—or cancelled altogether.

This is a well-established principle of Bible prophecy. We have done our part to engage in spiritual warfare and intercession, most notably back in 1988, where we gained two years of delay. But intercession by itself cannot stop this destruction. Only sincere repentance can stop it. One of the main purposes of intercession is to obtain more time for the rebellious ones to repent.

As a Christian, I can hardly appeal to the Muslim world to repent of resorting to violence as a reaction to the injustices that have been perpetrated against them. It is first the responsibility of Christians--the Church as a whole--to repent of supporting the Jewish terrorists of the 1940's without whose help the Israeli state would never have come about. (See my book, The Struggle for the Birthright.) The Church must repent of supporting Zionists who steal the land from Palestinians in the name of God and Bible prophecy.

Many prophecy teachers are fond of castigating the Arab world for their opposition to the Zionists. They point to terrorist acts done against innocent Israelis without telling the people that the Israelis have done the same things to the Palestinians. Both sides are wrong in the sight of God. But if we were to have to judge between these two sides by the impartial biblical law, we would have to go back to the beginning of the problem in the early 1900’s when Zionists began immigrating to Palestine with the goal of setting up a Jewish State.

It was NOT the Palestinians who moved to Europe to steal Jewish land. At first, many individual Jews immigrated to Palestine and peacefully bought land. These were not the problem. But once they gained raw military power in the area, most of the land in their possession was stolen, either by wars of conquest or by legislation making such theft "legal."

The day of reckoning will come, as the Bible tells us. I realize that, according to Isaiah, no one will get that land or that city when the dust settles. But it is yet theoretically possible to put off that date by repentance in this current generation. I pray that this will happen.