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  • On the road again

    I will be traveling for the rest of this week (beginning Wednesday) and should be back early next week. This should give some of you time to catch up on recent weblogs, or to read some of the books that are posted on the "studies" link.  ... Read More

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  • Back again with a fresh revelation

    We returned home last evening after a long drive. Our children had planned a family reunion to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. It’s nice to gather together every ten years so we can get pictures of the whole family and see how time has impro... Read More

    Trip Reports
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  • Personal

    This is just to let you know that I am alive and well. As most of you know, I am out of town. I can only say that very good things are happening behind the scenes and that I am working on things that involve the future of the ministry. I thought I would b... Read More

    Trip Reports
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  • Branson Conference report

    We had a great conference in Branson, Missouri this past weekend, and we returned home last night. We brought Arthur home with us, and he will be staying with us for the rest of the week. Arthur flew in from New Zealand, where I met him about 5 years ago a... Read More

    Trip Reports
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  • Trip to Colorado

    As I mentioned last week, I will be flying to Denver later today to officiate at a memorial service for a friend who wanted me to do this for him. I will be gone through Sunday and should be back at the office Monday to resume posting weblogs.  ... Read More

    Trip Reports
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