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Chapter 19: 1997-1998: The One-Year Boundary

The trip we made to Texas, Florida, and North Carolina in 1997 was primarily to set boundaries so that the dragon could not eat the Pearl (Corpus Christi, the “body of Christ”). This was, of course, symbolic or spiritual language describing a hurricane that had the potential of hitting Corpus Christi. Since earthly activity is a reflection of conditions and events in the spiritual dimension, there is a close interrelationship between the two. In order to alter things on earth, one must change the spiritual condition first.

It is in understanding the correlation between the earthly and the heavenly that we are able to discern the spiritual meaning of earthly events and also to pray more intelligently about these things. When combined with some ability to hear God's voice, we are able to receive divine revelation that equips us to do what needs to be done in order to do the work of the Kingdom.

In July and August of 1997, I began to discern that I was to make this trip to Texas, essentially to complete a protection trip that the leader of the Net of Prayer had begun in 1985. In 1985 he had made a similar trip, but he had run out of cash in Baton Rouge, LA, and so the southern part of the country had remained unprotected to the east of Baton Rouge. The result was that a number of hurricanes had struck in the unprotected areas toward the east, costing billions of dollars in damage.

In those days we watched with great interest when hurricanes, which were heading toward Texas, actually turned east in order to respect the boundary that had been set. The most important thing was that Corpus Christi was spared, because it was in the protected zone.

Four years later, I also made a trip to Corpus Christi in June of 1989 after receiving a word from the Lord on June 11, 1989, telling me,

“You will go to the shores of the Gulf, point the staff at the dragon in the sea, and prophesy his destruction . . . This shall prevent the HURRICANE from striking the city, and it shall die. On the second time you enter Corpus Christi, the Bride shall be crowned with glory and raised up to sit in My throne with Me.”

There was no hurricane in sight at the time, nor was there was any sign of a hurricane when I began my trip on June 19, 1989. For a few days I had to go to four places in the area to pray/decree certain matters. By the time I got into the middle of Texas on June 26, news reports said that a hurricane had formed in the Gulf and was sitting stationary, as if waiting for me to finish my work. It was called Hurricane Allison (not to be confused with Hurricane Allison in June 1995).

I arrived in Corpus Christi June 27, spoke to the hurricane, forbidding it to strike land, and then left town the next day. The hurricane never struck land, because wind sheer cut off its head, and it died in the Gulf.

But at the time, I wondered what the Lord meant when He said, “on the second time you enter Corpus Christi.” This remained a mystery to me for eight years, until 1997 when the Word of the Lord instructed me to return. I then began to make preparations for the second trip to Corpus Christi, knowing that this was part of the Dragon War.

However, others then began sending me revelation that God had been telling them. On August 16, 1997, Martin called to tell me of a vision he had. He had seen a huge 18-wheeler driving at high speed down the highway. I was the “cab,” and Darla was the “trailer.” Suddenly, there was a huge crash, and the two became one. Yet afterward, the truck continued on its journey with no damage. At first he was alarmed, wondering if I was going to be involved in a literal car crash. But the Lord told him no, that Darla was to come with me on this trip, and that we would come into full unity. (Not to imply that we were in any disunity, of course.)

Another friend from Oklahoma called to share a vision from a friend who had seen an 18-wheeler with the word “Victoria” written in large letters on the side of the trailer. He said that he believed something needed to be done in Victoria, Texas.

The bottom line is that I took Darla and the children with me on this trip. We left on August 19, precisely two months after June 19 (when Michele and the other women left on their China trip, as I described earlier). We set the boundary on Padre Island on August 21, and then spent the night in Corpus Christi. The next day we drove to Victoria, Texas, where Bob Henley performed a New Covenant wedding ceremony for Darla and me, with Bill and Joan Thorpe as witnesses. This fulfilled the word about us coming into true unity.

“On the second time you enter Corpus Christi, the Bride shall be crowned with glory and raised up to sit in My throne with Me.”

By this time, I had come to understand the difference between Old and New Covenant marriages, which I later put into a book by that title. We had been married in 1971 under a conditional marriage, where both she and I took vows, much like Israel's marriage to God at Mount Sinai. It was a normal old covenant marriage ceremony. But on August 22, 1997 we were led to get remarried in a New Covenant ceremony, in which I took the vows and she simply said AMEN.

This wedding fulfilled the 1989 word about the Bride being crowned with glory. Darla was representing the Pearl, as her name indicates. She had a pearl-colored dress and shoes, and wore a pearl ring. Ephesians 3:19 was read as a prophetic statement,

{Ephesians 3:19} 19 and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fulness of God.

Then we drove to Key West, Florida, arriving there on August 26 to set the second boundary. From there we drove to Hunters-ville, NC, where we set the final boundary on August 28. While on our return trip, Princess Diana was killed on August 31, which was precisely 414 days from July 13, 1996—when Margaret was attacked in her feet in British Columbia. Recall that this was the event that started the Dragon Wars in the first place.

We arrived home, saddened by the death of Diana, but yet satisfied that we had done the work that we were called to do to protect the Body of Christ. It also served to protect America's south coast, for no hurricanes would hit the coast for a full year.

But after a year, the red dragon was again hungry. On August 22, 1998 there was a tropical storm named Charley which struck Corpus Christi and flooded nearby towns. Our boundary had expired the previous day.

Hurricane Bonnie made landfall over Cape Fear in North Carolina on August 26, 1998 just outside the third boundary marker set in Huntersville. It was unable to strike Florida, because it arrived near Florida before the boundary marker expired. So it bypassed Florida and struck North Carolina on the day that the boundary expired in Florida—August 26, 1998.

The boundary in Huntersville, NC expired two days later on August 28, so it was still in effect when Bonnie struck Cape Fear. Huntersville is located inland just north of Charlotte, NC, and so Bonnie did not violate the “No Trespassing” sign.

On Sept. 3 Hurricane Earl hit near Panama City, Florida, dumping 23 inches of rain. This was well past the one-year mark.

This year 1997-1998 was also the 50th anniversary of the Israeli state. It was their “Jubilee,” and how they celebrated it was very revealing, for it was their opportunity to do what a “chosen people” should have done—that is, to set people free.

We ourselves had declared the Jubilee on Sept. 23, 1996 in accordance with the calling of the overcomers. Now it was their turn. Their carnal version of the Jubilee stood in direct contrast to ours and established the level of their own judgment. But it is as if the one-year reprieve was to hold off the divine sentence until they had opportunity to determine their own level of judgment.

This phase of the Dragon Wars would make clear who is truly called and who truly has the character of Christ qualifying them to rule in the Tabernacles Age that is coming shortly. Will God appoint the Israelis to rule the world so that they can have 2500 slaves apiece, as the Talmud says? Or will God appoint the overcomers, the Sons of God, whose rule will set creation free?

This is the main topic of the next phase of the Dragon Wars.