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Chapter 45: 2006: Babylon’s Waterloo

On June 19, 2006 I wrote a web log giving details about a prayer campaign called “God is Able.” It was held 191 years after the Battle of Waterloo (June 15-18, 1815), where Napoleon was defeated. This battle changed the face of Europe. It was also important because Napoleon's name means “Neo-Apollyon.”

We were in Illinois at the time of the prayer campaign and returned home on June 18, 2006, which was also 191 years after the end of the Battle of Waterloo. We were led to take a different route home, not realizing that this highway would take us directly through Waterloo, Iowa. I learned afterward that the official insignia of the city of Waterloo, Iowa is the Red Dragon.

A week later the United Nations admitted their 191st member, Montenegro.

Immediately after arriving home, we left Minnesota on June 19 driving to Sacramento, California for meetings. After the meetings, we intended to drive north into Oregon and Washington, but it was suggested that we take off an extra day and drive through the Redwood Forest near Eureka, California. We felt led to do so.

When we arrived, we discovered that this was the location of the Bohemian Grove, where the Bohemian Club meets each year at its 2700 acre “campground.” Each year wealthy and powerful men meet for two weeks there to discuss and coordinate plans as to how to manage “that great city, Babylon.”

Their 2006 meeting was being held at the very time we arrived in the area, and we were led to engage in spiritual warfare against them. Part of the “Grovers” ceremony involves a lengthy statement in front of a 40-foot owl, at whose feet is sacrificed an effigy of a child called “Care.” They call it the “Cremation of Care.” Supposedly, it means that these high-level politicians, media moguls, industrialists, and banking officials are given a two-week vacation from the “cares” or stresses of their jobs running the world system. But it is actually a thinly-disguised ceremony of child sacrifice.

A tiny picture of an owl is imprinted on the upper right side on the front of every dollar bill. If you use a magnifying glass, you can see it on the upper left side of the “1” just outside the frame surrounding the “1.” The owl is the world's symbol for wisdom. Paul tells us that the Greeks sought after wisdom, but that the wisdom of man was foolishness to God (1 Cor. 1:18-30).

Part of their “wisdom” is to have the ability to sacrifice the individual in the interest of the masses. This is the underlying meaning of the Cremation of Care, which sacrifices the child's effigy. Babylonian leaders are trained to harden their hearts to the cries of the little people.

And so, when we arrived in Eureka near the Bohemian Grove, we were led to engage in spiritual warfare against the rulers of Babylon meeting there. We were led to call it “He Cares Prayer Campaign,” because God does care about every individual. Part of the prayer-decree of June 28, 2006 was as follows:

“. . . we decree that all the ceremonies, practices, plans, and curses of the Bohemian Grove and all others who have come against us and against God's Kingdom are negated, nullified, and fall to the ground. We decree also that all of their curses would be turned into blessings, even as God decreed in the case of Balaam (Deut. 23:5).

“We further decree that all of these who have participated in this rebellion against God's Kingdom would be taken in God's snare (Ezekiel 17:20) for their ultimate blessing and ours. Let their eyes be opened, so they would no longer be deceived by those attempting to destroy our nation through sin.”

The mighty men of Babylon try to eliminate “care” from their minds, because they do not care about the children. They work hard to make it LOOK LIKE they do, because this is politically correct. But in the name of the “greater good” and “higher responsibilities,” they simply do not care, for we are their commercial assets and slaves of their kingdom.

This is the Babylonian system that we had been praying against since 1993. Even as the Israelites marched around Jericho thirteen times (Joshua 6), so also did we war against modern Babylon for 13 years (1993-2006). It really began in 1993 in Eureka, Montana, and began to come to an end when we were led to go to Eureka, California in 2006.

Allow me to present to you a better King of the Earth. His name is Jesus Christ. He did not delight in sacrificing the little people in order to establish His Kingdom. Instead, He came to die for the little people, for He truly cares about us. Whereas the Babylonians believe that the little people should give their lives for the rulers, if necessary, Jesus Christ did precisely the opposite.

Which type of king would you prefer? As for me and my house, we work for the only King who proved Himself worthy. His wisdom is different from the world's so-called “wisdom.”

And so we saw the signs of Babylon's “Waterloo” in June of 2006. Their time was coming to an end, and these two prayer campaigns prepared the way for the seventh bowl of wine to be poured out at Babylon, New York a few months later.