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Moses had in his library a book called “The Wars of the Lord,” mentioned in Numbers 21:14. It appears to be a continuous record of battles, which Moses either authored from its beginning or perhaps added to its pages the history of wars in his time. Unfortunately, this book has been lost.

This does not mean that God has not continued the long warfare of the ages that will ultimately result in His total victory over all rebellion in the earth. The wars indeed have continued throughout history. In Old Testament times (the Passover Age) these wars were physical conflicts in which God assisted Israel in destroying their enemies. In the Pentecostal Age the Christians were given the power to overcome their enemies by spiritual warfare, but they tended to degenerate into physical violence as they obtained political power.

But today, as we enter the Age of Tabernacles, we are learning the lost art of spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare has been done throughout every generation, and we are only building upon what has been accomplished in the past. Nonetheless, we are privileged to be living at the end of the 40 Jubilees of the Church Age of Pentecost, and so our warfare is unique in this sense.

For this reason, it is necessary to make a written record of the wars of the Lord in our time. Of necessity, this will be, to a great extent, a personal testimony, for I may only relate what I have personally seen and experienced. Yet it will also be a Bible study, because I believe that God has taught me many things through these experiences. What God does in spiritual warfare is always astounding. It is not our desire or intent to sensationalize what God is doing, but rather to present it for your edification, so that the things that will shortly come to pass in the earth will not take you by surprise.

If the manifestation of the Sons of God does not occur in our present generation, then this record will be important for a future time yet to be revealed, perhaps in another century when we come to the end of 6,000 years of chronological time in 2106 A.D.

In this book I will be putting the revelatory Word of the Lord in bold print and in quotation marks. If the reader wishes to judge the prophetic word, let him judge these words that are clearly marked as the Lord's Word. Everything else that is written in regular type is only my understanding of the Word, and it is subject to error that will be corrected as further understanding comes.

I write this word of explanation to counter those who do not understand the difference between prophecy and one's understand-ing of prophecy. Those who oppose my teachings (or hate me personally) are fond of calling me a “false prophet” because I am sometimes mistaken in my understanding of prophecy.

Some call me a prophet in order to label me a false prophet. But I do not claim to be a prophet. All I know for sure is that I am a Bible teacher, the last and least of the callings in the five-fold ministry list found in Ephesians 4:11. The fact that I may have some ability to hear the Lord's voice does not in itself make me a prophet. Moses said in Numbers 11:29,

{Numbers 11:29} 29 Would that all the LORD’s people were prophets, that the LORD would put His Spirit upon them!

It is the will and plan of God that all of us hear the Lord's voice and even prophesy in the sense of giving the Lord's Word. But those who prophesy do not necessarily hold the prophetic office.

It is, therefore, with caution that I include in this book the direct quotes that I have heard from the Lord. These words written in bold are sacred to me, and it pains me to make them available to all, for there are scoffers and unbelievers. Yet this time has come, and I believe that for the sake of those who have ears to hear, these things must be written.