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Chapter 46: 2006: The Seventh Bowl

As early as 2005 it had occurred to me that there was a city in New York called “Babylon,” and that this might possibly be the place where we were to pour out the seventh bowl of wine in October of 2006. However, I received no word about this until June of 2005.

I was invited to attend the funeral of a friend's daughter, who had taken her own life, probably as the result of depression caused by anti-depressant medication. She had already received a funeral at her home church in New York, but was now receiving a second funeral in Mankato, Minnesota where her parents lived. Her mother wanted me to conduct the funeral, but because most of the family was Catholic, it was best to let the priest do it.

The funeral was conducted by a Catholic priest at a funeral home, rather than in the church. I figured that this was because Catholic doctrine traditionally forbids suicide victims from being held in a church or from being buried in “consecrated ground.” I was pleasantly surprised, however, by the message that the priest gave, for he made it clear that she was “with Jesus” and not “burning in hell” (as a true traditionalist might have said).

But in the course of his message, he mentioned that her first funeral was held in her home church in Babylon, New York. I had not known this, but it struck me as more than coincidental. In praying about this, we discerned that we were to pour out the seventh bowl of wine upon Babylon, and that the woman represented all the people from the past who have lived and died in the Babylonian captivity without being set free.

Six months later, in December of 2005, we finally received word from God that we were to pour out the seventh bowl of wine on October 7, 2006. This was the first day of the feast of Tabernacles that year. Normally, we had been pouring out the bowls on the 7th or 8th day of Tabernacles, so this was a slightly different pattern.

Later, as I was led to do some “number crunching,” I discovered that it was precisely 490 days from the suicide (June 4, 2005) to the pouring out of the seventh bowl of wine on Babylon (Oct. 7, 2006). The number 490 is “Blessed Time” and is best illustrated in Matt. 18:21-35. That passage shows that after being forgiven 490 times, there comes a day of reckoning, where the accounts are to be settled. Thus, the seventh bowl represented the day of reckoning for Babylon, where God would settle the account and render judgment upon the city for non-payment of “debt” (i.e., sin).

So a group of about 35 people gathered in Babylon, NY on October 7, 2006. We had received the word of the Lord from Ken to pour out bowls of water, wine, or both at four different locations in the area. They were all cemeteries. We were to pour out water only at two Catholic cemeteries, signifying an outpouring of the Spirit upon the Catholic Church. We poured out wine only at a Jewish cemetery and again at the Amityville cemetery. The first represented Zionism (though certainly not all Jews are Zionists); the second one at Amityville represented the witchcraft of Babylon.

In studying the area, we learned that Amityville is sacred to the witches of Wicca. “It is here that Ray Buckland, the father of modern Wicca, spread witchcraft throughout the world.”


Continuing with the article above,

“Furthermore, this place is the site of the world's first modern sodomite community rivaling even Sodom and Gomorrah. There are a series of cities such as Cherry Grove that makes up the purest gay place in the modern world. Its gayness goes back to even before Oscar Wilde went there in the 1880's. Imagine a place where everyone is a homosexual, thousands. It is here that is the greatest place to worship Lucifer in the world. Is this a one in a million coincidence?

“The gateway to this place is Sayville, New York. It is the home of Melissa Joan Hart that is the owner and producer of Sabrina the Teenage Witch television show. Her and Ray Buckland are the two people in the world most responsible for setting off the worldwide witch movement. Melissa Joan Hart even had a classmate in Sayville named “Serena” that killed a beautiful cheerleader in a demonic ceremony! Sayville was founded by a witch hunting family from Salem.”

If you have heard of the movie, The Amityville Horror, this is the Amityville (next to Babylon) where this story occurred. When we finished pouring out the final bowl, we all shouted, “It is done” (Rev. 16:17).

We then went to the Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Reading, PA to hold our Tabernacles conference on Oct. 13-15, with the theme, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.”

The seventh bowl of water and wine, along with the Tabernacles conference in 2006, put the world on course for the overthrow of Mystery Babylon that now dominates the nations of the earth and keeps the people in bondage, politically and spiritually. We expected to see the beginnings of this great collapse within the following year. The collapse of economic Babylon began to surface in July 2007 with the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, which later spread to the rest of the economy.

We are now more than a year into this collapse, and it is obvious that it will take some time to complete, because it is not collapsing all at once, but in pieces. A bank failure here, a corporation bankruptcy there, and the stock markets go up and down with great volatility, depending on the news of the day. It is my hope, of course, that the transition from the Babylonian system to one based upon the laws of the Kingdom will go as smoothly as possible. I recall that the original city of Babylon fell intact and was not destroyed by the Medes and Persians. It simply got a new king (Cyrus, the “messiah” of Isaiah 45:1).

At the present time, however, the Babylonian officials are doing all they can to put out the fires and to repair the towers that are crumbling. They labor hard and long in order that they might continue to rule the earth and keep the little people as their slaves. The only true solution would be for them to cry out to God. Ultimately, to stop the divine judgment, they would have to agree to abide by the Kingdom's perfect law of liberty and set aside the Uniform Commercial Code which functions as the Babylonian Constitution and makes merchandise of all men.