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Chapter 38: 2004: The Fifth Bowl

On October 6, 2004 we were led to go to Scott Circle in Washington D.C. to pour out the fifth bowl of wine upon “the seat of the beast” (Rev. 16:10). God had given us this particular location a few months earlier on April 8, when Bob and I were led to go there on a scouting trip.

Bob and I were led to walk to all of the points of the Pentagram formed by the streets in D.C. when they were built 200 years ago by the Freemason architects. The Pentagram is the sign of Baphomet, the god of Freemasonry. It was to signify that Baphomet is the ruler of Washington D.C., and so the White House was positioned at the “mouth” of Baphomet at the bottom point of the Pentagram. It was to make the President the mouthpiece of Baphomet.

We went to Washington in order to discern the precise location of “the seat of the beast” in order to know where to pour out the fifth bowl of wine in October. We walked mile after mile, visiting each of the five points of the Pentagram, as well as the Washington Monument and the Capitol. When we finally decided to go back to the hotel, we got on the wrong train, and so we ended up at the Pentagon. It seems that God wanted us to go there as well.

Our scouting trip showed us that Scott Circle was the place where we were to pour out the bowl of wine in October. But in April we were to do a partial work by pouring out a bowl of water at Scott Circle. This particular water had been taken from the Islands of Peace the previous year when we had poured out the fourth bowl in the Mississippi River. In pouring it out at Scott Circle on April 8, 2004, we were following the law of spiritual warfare found in Deut. 20:10, which says,

{Deuteronomy 20:10} 10 When you approach a city to fight against it, you shall offer it terms of peace.

We were about to engage in spiritual warfare against Washington D.C., or rather, the spirit of Baphomet that ruled the city. So we were required to first “proclaim peace unto it” to give it opportunity to submit to the rule of Jesus Christ. The city would have until October 6 to decide if they would submit to the rightful Ruler or continue following the usurpers.

Scott Circle itself is located directly north of the White House on 16th Street, where the two “horns” (streets) WarsChapter38.1.jpgmeet. In other words, it is located on the “forehead” of Baphomet, even as the White House is located at its mouth. In the 19th century painting of Baphomet (by Eliphas Levi), there is Pentagram on the forehead of Baphomet. It is the little Pentagram within the big Pentagram.

In the middle of Scott Circle is a military monument portraying a man on a horse. The only identification on the monument is a single word: SCOTT. Whoever heard of a monument honoring someone without putting his first name or his title or some date to mark when he lived or died? It is really a strange monument. The hotel across the street from the Circle was called the “General Scott Hotel,” so we knew that he must have been a military general. But we had to look up on the internet in order to learn that it was set up to honor General Winfield Scott.


General Scott lived from 1786-1866 and was the longest serving general in history, serving under 13 presidents. He was a Freemason, of course, and was the one charged with the responsibility of carrying out the transfer of the Cherokee from North Carolina to Oklahoma. This is known as “The Trail of Tears,” because so many died along the way in the brutal march.

As I said, his monument only reads one word: SCOTT. Why is this? Simply because, in typical doublespeak, it really represents the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. A few blocks north of it on 16th street is the House of the Temple, whose sign reads,

“Headquarters of the Supreme Council, 33 degree, of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, USA.”

Sixteenth Street itself, going from the White House to Scott Circle, was meant to represent a candle in the midst of the Pentagram that gives “light” to Washington D.C. Scott Circle is the top of this “candle.” The House of the Temple is supposed to be the fire (light) on the candle. Between them is the wick, represented by 10 statues of Venus. Venus is probably the goddess most often represented in Washington D.C.

WarsChapter38.3.jpgThe candle, with its wax body and fire, symbolizes the union of heaven and earth, spirit and matter. That is why Venus, the goddess of love is represented by the wick. It manifests a sexual union between Venus (earth) and Mars (heaven). She is the “wick” and is the point of contact that attracts the god of heaven to the earth.

For this reason also, the candle, wick, and fire is on 16th Street, for 16 is the number of Love. If this “Love” were truly the love of God (agape), it would not be a problem. But every tree is known by its fruit, and the fruit coming of Washington D.C. is not bearing the kind of fruit that God requires. It bears only the bitter fruit seen most clearly in General Scott's “Trail of Tears.”

The declaration of peace that we made on April 8, 2004 at Scott Circle was based upon America's appeal to God in 2001, “God Bless America.” God was beginning to answer this prayer by overthrowing her false gods and putting pressure upon the people to repent.

The fourth bowl of wine poured out in the Valley of the Sun in 2003 signified judgment upon leadership. One of the biggest stories in the following year was the prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib and at Guantanamo Bay. The BBC News for June 15, 2004 quoted Major General Geoffrey Miller, saying,

“At Guantanamo Bay we learned that the prisoners have to earn every single thing they have. He said they are like dogs and if you allow them to believe at any point that they are more than a dog, then you've lost control of them.”

Such is the “love” that rules Washington D.C. It is not the love of God, but the love of Baphomet. It is the belief that true love is manifested by hating our enemies and torturing them because “they deserve it.” This will continue as long as Baphomet rules Washington.

e64fc3230ee0191b13fa06c3de5e0a1c_f79.jpgDavid M. Gitlitz wrote an article posted on Feb. 9, 2008 called Waterboarding and Inquisition, showing that the practice of water-boarding, adopted by the Bush administration, was invented and widely prac-ticed in the Spanish Inquisi-tion in the 15th century. It was done specifically to torture heretics and infidels into confessing heresy or crimes.

In those days torture was an acceptable means of obtaining information, but in the founding of America, torture was outlawed. Nonetheless, the Bush administration has resurrected the practice.

Gitlitz writes:

“Waterboarding was one of the most common tortures employed by the Spanish Inquisition for the first half of its 450-year-long history (circa 1480-1834). This has never been a secret. It is attested to by reams of documents - letters, debates, manuals of instruction and copious records of trials that include verbatim accounts of the torture sessions themselves – in the Historical Archives of Spain and Mexico, in which I have worked for the last 30 years. The information about inquisitorial waterboarding has also been available to the English-reading general public since publication of H.C. Lea’s A History of the Inquisition, the last volume of which appeared a hundred years ago this year. . . .

“The Spanish Inquisition, unlike many American lawmakers and members of the executive branch, did not waffle about labeling waterboarding a torture. Waterboarding was not invented in Spain: Since the middle of the 13th Century it had been used by European civil and ecclesiastical courts, particularly the Papal Inquisition, in Rome. In Spain no one voiced doubts, as did Michael Mukasey during his October confirmation hearings for U.S. attorney general, and at a hearing just the other day, about whether waterboarding might not technically be torture.

“President Bush, on the other hand, has no doubts at all. Unlike his nominee, he spoke with inquisitor-like certainty when he proclaimed that our physically coercive techniques "are safe, they are lawful and they are necessary." He apparently sees no contradiction in simultaneously insisting that these "classified interrogation procedures" be conducted offshore so as to remove them from the jurisdiction and safeguards of the American judicial system.”

Besides waterboarding, it was reported that prisoners were shackled for long periods of time in uncomfortable positions, with strobe lights and loud music blaring at them and often with dogs threatening them as well. Detainees often would be chained naked to the floor of the interrogation room, and then women guards were brought in to molest or abuse them. Such humiliation and ungodly treatment was designed to break down their will. By word games and euphemisms, it was not called “torture.”

Colonel David McWilliams, a Pentagon spokesman, denied that nudity and embarrassment were ever used to break down prisoners. But reports persisted, and when actual photographs were circulated showing such things, the military was angry—not at the torture itself, but at the breach of security!

The Mirror (UK) ran an article on May 15, 2004, “Lynndie England’s Jail Orgies,” stating,

“Disgraced US soldier Lynndie England was filmed having sex in front of Iraqi prisoners, it was claimed last night.

“Now more depraved pictures of the reservist in a series of sex acts with different colleagues have been handed to senators in America.

“Senator Norm Coleman added, ‘It was pretty disgusting, not what you’d expect from Americans. There was lots of sexual stuff, not of the Iraqis, but of our troops.’

“Other pictures in a new dossier handed to Congress showed Iraqi women made to expose their breasts and forced sexual acts between male prisoners. . .

“Politicians said the new pictures of abuse were even more graphic than they expected. Senator Richard Durbin said: ‘It’s like looking at one of the rings of hell, and it’s a ring of hell of our own creation. When you see these photos of violence and brutality and perversity and depravity, you want to turn around in revulsion.’ Senator Ron Wyden added: ‘It was significantly worse than I had anticipated. Take the worst case and multiply it over several times’.”

There is no justification for such actions. While it may be true that such examples were limited, there is no doubt that these things were condoned and ordered by officers much higher in the chain of command. Furthermore, the very fact that the president himself has defended mistreatment at Guantanamo, claiming that it is “not torture,” shows just how unchristian some Christians can be when they justify their actions in the name of “security.”

George Monbiot wrote in The Guardian, December 18, 2006,

Torture is Now Part of the American Soul

That the US tortures, routinely and systematically, while prosecuting its ‘war on terror’ can no longer be seriously disputed. The Detainee Abuse and Accountability Project (DAA), a coalition of academics and human rights groups, has documented the abuse or killing of 460 inmates of US military prisons in Afghanistan, Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay. This, it says, is necessarily a conservative figure; many cases will remain unrecorded. The prisoners were beaten, raped, forced to abuse themselves, forced to maintain ‘stress positions,’ and subjected to prolonged sleep deprivation and mock executions.

“President Bush maintains that he is fighting a war against threats to the ‘values of civilized nations’: terror, cruelty, barbarism, and extremism. He asked his nation’s interrogators to discover where these evils are hidden. They should congratulate themselves. They appear to have succeeded.”

These policies cannot be justified by Scripture. There is nothing moral about abusing people—not even prisoners of war. Even if we accept the (wink-wink) idea that these prisoners are mere “detainees,” and not prisoners of war, this is no excuse to subject them to torture and to immoral practices.

These things are inspired by the spirit of Baphomet, under whom Washington D.C. has been subjected. It is part of Babylon and its immoral system, which has taken over America.

Two months after Bob and I scouted Washington D.C. and offered peace terms to Baphomet and his followers, a woman came to my office who was possessed of the spirit of Baphomet. She had been raised by parents who were both into Freemasonry, with pentagrams on every piece of wood in the house. The horror stories she told me were astounding. She had lived with demonic manifestations for almost three decades.

I was able to pray for her deliverance on June 24, 2004. Immediately, her color blindness was healed, and her left ear opened. A great weight lifted from her shoulders, and she danced around the office in absolute joy. I also took my wife to her apartment, where we prayed to put an end to all of the strange things happening there. From then on, glasses no longer flew across the room at her, pictures on the wall no longer hit her on the back of the head, and toys no longer ran across the room by themselves. (Her cat was most grateful.)

I recognized that this woman was a type of America and the Church itself, and that this was a very personal sign of national deliverance that was beginning to take place.

As for the timing of this deliverance on June 24, 2004, it occurred precisely 3 x 414 days after the beginning of the battles in 2001. Recall that it all began on January 29, 2001 with our first decree, an hour before the opposition letter arrived with ashes in it.

From January 29, 2001 to June 24, 2004 is 3 x 414 days, showing the judgment factor of “Cursed Time.” This is explained more fully in my book, Secrets of Time. The cycle itself links this deliverance session to the beginning of the warfare itself, which was designed to set America free from the golden calves.