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Chapter 34: 2002: The Second Bowl

As I have already stated, I was led to pour out seven bowls of wine from the year 2000 to 2006 in accordance with the description found in Revelation 16, in order to bear witness to what I saw God doing. So on October 9, 2001 we went to Port Austin, Michigan and poured out the second bowl of water and wine into Lake Huron (i. e, “the sea”).

We understood that as a result we would see divine judgment begin to fall upon the Church (denominational system). This understanding came through Revelation 13, where the beast from “the sea” was described as a religious beast, while the same chapter speaks of a second beast from “the earth,” that is described more in economic terms.

Thus, pouring out the first bowl upon “the earth” in October of 2000 signified the beginning of judgment upon the economic system of Babylon, and indeed by March of 2001 the markets were in a panic with a free-fall of 1600 points, as I described earlier. The second bowl was poured into “the sea,” and so we recognized that this would have an effect upon the religious system. I specifically told the people in attendance to watch specifically the Roman Catholic Church, but that this would not be limited to it.

Within a few weeks of pouring out this second bowl into Lake Huron, Superior Court Judge Constance Sweeney forced the Boston archdiocese to release the information in its files about John J. Geoghan. Cardinal Bernard Law was then forced to release the records, which showed that not only Geoghan but also another 90 priests had molested children in previous years. The Roman Church had covered up this information and in many cases simply transferred those offending priests to other places, where they were free to continue their perverted activities.

Geoghan was convicted and sent to prison, and the big scandal began to be reported in many magazines and newspapers. The public relations damage on the Roman Church was enormous. According to the Boston Globe for Feb. 25, 2002:

“The archdiocese has publicly removed 10 priests since Feb. 2. The names of all 10 have been reported to district attorneys.

“Cases involving at least 70 priests have been secretly settled by the archdiocese.

“The floodtide of new claims against priests comes at a time when the archdiocese is already in a precarious financial condition. Church attorneys have told lawyers for plaintiffs in pending cases that the archdiocese's insurance coverage has been exhausted.

“The Globe reported on Jan. 31 that the archdiocese agreed to secret settlements over the last 10 years that involved at least 70 priests, and the church insisted on sealed records to conceal the extent of the problem.”

On May 6, 2002, Newsweek magazine wrote on the front cover: “What Would Jesus Do? Beyond the Priest Scandal: Christianity at a Crossroads.” On page 23 it reported on the special meeting held in Rome, which was attended by some very concerned Roman priests:

“The abuse of children and teenagers and a clerical culture of cover-up had brought them to Rome, and clearly they thought they knew the cause of the trouble. ‘This is an ongoing struggle,' said Bishop Wilton Gregory, his eyes flashing with conviction. 'It is most importantly a struggle to make sure that the Catholic priesthood is not dominated by homosexual men'.”

On page 26, Newsweek wrote:

“The best guess is that between 35 and 50 percent of Roman Catholic priests are homosexual. 'Hypocrisy is almost too weak a word for what the hierarchy is doing,' says Mark D. Jordan, a professor of religion at Emory University and a gay Catholic. 'If there were no homosexuals in the priesthood, we would soon cease to have a functioning church.”

Many, many reports were written in 2002 and afterward, exposing years of moral corruption in the Church priesthood. It is not my purpose to stir the toilet further. Most people will remember those reports. Certainly, most Roman Catholics were outraged and highly embarrassed. Some of the archdiocese actually went bankrupt settling their cases with the victims of abuse.

I write this much in order to show that the second bowl of wine was poured out on “the sea” shortly before these scandals surfaced. Hundreds of people heard me or read my reports telling them to watch divine judgment begin to fall upon the Church. These scandals have persisted among other denominations even up to the present year. I believe that these judgments will continue, perhaps even in other ways, until “Babylon” has been purged by fire out of the Church.

My suggestion is that the people themselves hold their leaders accountable. In fact, it is because the people have failed in this responsibility that God has stepped in to do the job Himself. Those corrupt leaders derive their incomes from the contributions (labor) of the people who have placed their trust in those leaders. Many of the people—and especially the victims themselves—knew of these moral corruptions, but they did little or nothing about it, believing that they had no right to question the “anointed ones” of God. Unfortunately, even the victims themselves were pressured into suffering in silence, even after their lives were traumatized or even destroyed.

Everyone should study the Scriptures, especially the story of King Saul, in order to understand how the Bible prophesies this Church corruption. The Bible also gives us the solution. I have long attempted to teach these things so that Christian people will not discard their faith in God when they become disillusioned with the Saul-Church. This corrupt system is part of Babylon and is currently being overthrown by divine decree, as God begins to bring His “David” company into authority in the earth.