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Chapter 51: Projections for the Future

We have come to the place in history where the Stone is crushing the image on its feet (Dan. 2:35). The Stone is Jesus Christ, but it is also His Kingdom. This Stone Kingdom is about to become dominant in the earth in the Tabernacles Age to come.

This can only take place with a Tabernacles anointing, and for this we are totally dependent upon God Himself. The Passover anointing was insufficient in the days of Moses; and the Pentecost anointing has proved to be insufficient during the age now ending. The promises of God can only be fulfilled through that final great feast called Tabernacles.

This requires people on earth to be filled with the fulness of God—the subject of Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:19. Without this, the Kingdom of God can never fully manifest in the earth. The partial measures of the Holy Spirit, given in past ages, could only give the Kingdom of God a foothold in the earth.

The year 1986 was the 120th Jubilee from Adam. The number 120 is associated with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I believe that the Net of Prayer received a five-year mandate from 1981-1986 to call the people of Pentecost to seek His face. But they failed to respond. So God separated the overcomers into a new “field” in order to work through them. These are the ones called into the anointing of Tabernacles.

This book has shown a partial history of the way God has been training and preparing the overcomers for the Age to come. Most of the overcomers have already lived and died in ages past, but the purpose of resurrection is to bring them back to earth where they can build the great Stone Kingdom in the Age to come.

Yet those of this present generation have had a unique opportunity to see the collapse of the Babylonian System, after its lengthy period of world domination. Its “head of gold” in 607 B.C. was only the first phase of the multi-beast system, and we are now in the time of its feet being crushed by its final successor, the Stone Kingdom.

The year 1993 was important as well, for it was the 40th Jubilee of the Church under Pentecost (since 33 A.D.). It also marked the end of the reign of prophetic “Saul,” after which time we observed the 7½ year transition from “Saul” to “David.”

The transfer of spiritual authority allowed the overcomers to conduct spiritual warfare against Babylon in a “Jericho march” of thirteen years (1993-2006). This ended in Babylon, NY on the first day of Tabernacles, October 7, 2006.

Since then we have observed the results of the fall of Jericho, manifested by the current financial and economic crisis. The leaders of this Babylonian system are working hard to resolve this crisis—as well they should—but they are unaware that their spiritual foundations have been undermined and destroyed by spiritual warfare. And they certainly do not believe or want their system to be replaced by the Kingdom of God.

Nevertheless, the Stone will continue to crush the image on its feet until it is ground to powder and the dust blown by the wind into its final oblivion of history. This earth belongs to God by right of creation. The Heir of the world, called to rule as the King of the Earth, is Jesus Christ. He received this authority, not only by right of genealogy from Adam through Judah and through David—but also by His righteous character, His love as manifested by His willingness not to be served but to serve and to give His life for our salvation and well being.

No other ruler on earth has done this, no other god, no other prophet, no other righteous man. He will be King at the appointed time, and there is no force on earth to stop this. We are, however, privileged to participate in this work and calling. This book has presented a short history of spiritual warfare in our time, and it is hoped that it will be of help and of interest to future generations.

This book ends as a new chapter opens in the establishment of the Kingdom of God. Will there be a sequel to this book at a later time? Perhaps. But whether or not such a book is written, those who are watchful will continue to see the progression of God’s work in the earth and will have opportunity to participate in it as they are led by the Spirit.