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Chapter 32: 2001: The Twin Towers

The “attack on America” on Sept. 11, 2001 cannot be understood properly without knowing about the warfare in the heavens that occurred two months earlier in July 2001. Every year I monitor the events and/or revelations in the month of July, because there is always some connection on the same day in September. In the year 2001, of course, we saw America attacked by spirits from Asia and Africa at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time, July 11. The corresponding date and time on September 11 was the attack on the Twin Towers.

First, this occurred three years after President Clinton “turned the East Wing of the White House into a confession booth,” as Tom Brokaw put it on national television in his report for Sept. 11, 1998. The President had gone before the Congressional Prayer Breakfast that morning and humbly made an apology, even reading Psalm 51, “Create in me a clean heart, O God.”

We had been watching for that event since he took office, because God had told us that President Clinton was to be a type of King Ahab. Ahab humbled himself in 1 Kings 21:29 after being confronted by the prophet Elijah for murdering Naboth and stealing his vineyard. Ahab humbled himself, yet he did not return the vineyard to Naboth's successors. Even so, God's judgment on Israel was postponed for three years just because Ahab humbled himself.

{1 Kings 21:29} 29 Do you see how Ahab has humbled himself before Me? Because he has humbled himself before Me, I will not bring the evil in his days, but I will bring the evil upon his house in his son’s days. {1 Kings 22:1} 1 And three years passed without war between Aram [Syria] and Israel.

The judgment then came in the days of Ahab's successor. So also, because President Clinton humbled himself, God brought the judgment upon America three years later in the time of his successor, President Bush.

It should be understood that God gives kings, presidents, and other leaders to a nation according to the heart of the people—specifically the Church. Essentially, we get what we deserve, whether we know it or not. In biblical times, the people rejected the rule of God and demanded a man to rule over them (1 Sam. 8:7). For this reason, they got King Saul. His oppression was precisely what the people had demanded, thinking that men would do a better job as king than God could do.

In the past 40 Jubilees of Church history, The Church under Pentecost was Saul's New Testament successor. The people demanded a man to rule over them, and so the hierarchy of the earthly Church was God's answer. Eventually, the oppression got so bad that it caused the Protestant Reformation. Yet the Protestants did not resolve the underlying problem, for they merely wanted their own king—a rival to King Saul. Hence, they set up their own hierarchical system and again rejected the direct rule of God.

Saul usurped power and treated the throne as if it were his own. King Ahab usurped the “vineyard” as well—and the vineyard is the Kingdom (Isaiah 5:7). Both Saul and Ahab are types of Church leadership, which reflect the hearts of the people. The people desired a man to usurp the place of Christ (i.e., they wanted an Antichrist, which means “in place of Christ”). So God gave them their hearts' desire.

For this reason, the judgment upon King Ahab was actually a judgment upon the whole nation. The people were held accountable, because the leader only reflected the condition of their heart (collectively). So it is today in America. The Twin Towers was the beginning of the final time of judgment upon America for refusing the rule of Jesus Christ. More broadly, it was judgment for the Church's system of denominationalism, in which the Christians have demanded an earthly king to rule over them in place of Christ.

President Clinton's humbling on Sept. 11, 1998 postponed this divine judgment three years, according to the pattern in the story of King Ahab. But when the Twin Towers were destroyed, it signaled the beginning of this final judgment upon America. We engaged in spiritual warfare two months earlier to bring in a level of mercy with the judgment, but God would not allow us to stop the judgment altogether.

When President Clinton humbled himself on Sept. 11, 1998, my friend Ron reminded us that the numeric value of GRACE in the New Testament is precisely 911. As he put it, President Clinton sent up a 911 call for Grace. (In America, 911 is the emergency telephone number.)

Three years later, the news commentators mentioned this “coincidence” after the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9-11.

That 911 prayer call will be answered, because the prayer itself is summarized in the most popular prayer in America at the time—”God bless America.” Even Congress sang the song by that title on the steps of Congress, and Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan sang with them. Will God answer their prayer? Yes, He most certainly will. The purpose of 9-11 was to begin the final judgment upon us that will eliminate the rule of man and establish the rule of Christ in the earth.

By this, I mean that in the Age to come, the men who rule will not usurp the place of Christ, but will rule according to His will. You see, antichrist means “in place of Christ.” David ruled Israel in place of Christ, but he tried to rule according to the will of Christ—not his own will. Saul also ruled Israel in place of Christ, but he ruled as if the throne were his own property. In other words, Saul was a usurper. That is the type of rule that is normally meant by the New Testament word antichrist.

There have been many usurpers (“antichrists”) in history, and these are not limited to any particular Church or king or president. These leaders have usurped the throne of Christ because it reflected the desire of the individual people themselves. The Antichrist has been enthroned in the people individually, for the original “man of sin” was Adam. The carnal mind, often called the soulish man or the old man, came from the first Adam, even as the spiritual mind (new man) comes from the Last Adam (Christ).

When a man prefers to function according to the will of his carnal mind, he is operating in the spirit of antichrist. When enough people do this, it is reflected by their religious system and then by the political system. Men may blame the religious and political leaders, but ultimately they are not the problem. The leaders mirror the heart of the people. If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, don't get mad at the mirror.

Sept. 11, 2001 was the beginning of divine judgment upon America, but it also goes much deeper than this. God is dealing with the entire world, not only bringing judgment upon the nations, but also digging down to the original Adamic problem of the carnal mind.

As I have already written, the spiritual warfare began in 1993 as a “Battle of Jericho.” After marching around the “city” six times (6 years) blowing the “trumpet,” we entered into that final phase of battle in October 2000. This was the seventh “day” (year) of the battle, and we began to pour out the seven bowls of wine (2000-2006).

Each year that we did this, we saw results of the judgment being poured out within the following year (prior to the next bowl of wine poured out). The Twin Towers disaster, representing the beginning of final judgment, reflected the “wine” of divine judgment that began to be poured out in October 2000.

Yet with each bowl of wine was poured a bowl of water, signifying mercy and the Spirit of God.